Fagor Michelle B 14pc Cookware Set

Two separate product websites: $99.99 tonight for both (I think I got these right)

10 piece cookware: $199.99

4 piece paring set: $14.99


I have 3 different sets of pots and pans, in 3 different brands. This set looks like it could replace all of them. Glad it comes in multiple colors.

I really want a dutch oven. Stop laughing. Seriously, stop laughing.

That’s a good looking 14pc cookware set!

Anyone have any experience with this brand?

Very limited reviews. Other than the one posted just above from Zappos I can’t find any.

That’s great, but are they any good?? Amazon doesn’t seem to have reviews yet.

Oven safe?

Got these as a wedding present. Best pots I’ve ever used. My mom (who is a cook and a caterer) bought the same after visiting me. She doesn’t use anything else. Nothing sticks to them. You can leave something in them for days (not that I do that :D) and will still wipe off easily. No soaking. Good coating too. I’ve had mine since 2008 and still haven’t scratched them with spoons.

Fagor is very popular in Europe and is sold in many gourmet shops here in NYC.

This reviewer seems to really like the set - reviews stating that things cook evenly, don’t really stick, and the cutlery works well.


$169.99 on Overstock, minus the knives.

Go to your local Tuesday Morning and get the Tramontina enameled Dutch oven for $50. Top rated by America’s Test Kitchen. Wal-Mart says they have it for the same price but it is never in stock at the local stores.

Apologies for the thead-jack.

I have an induction cooktop and am annoyned that I can’t use most cookware. This set is rare in that it’s mostly aluminum yet is induction ready. Aluminum is not induction-ready but this puts an iron layer on the bottom. An iron induction disk is normally required if you choose to use metals that are not ferric (aka iron-based), and they cost about $30. That’s why this is a bargain if you do induction cooking.

In for one!

If it’s okay, I’ll repost the videos:

Video #1:

Video #2:

And the country of manufacture is…?

And what company distributes this product and for what company?

The specs for the same pans over at Overstock.com say “oven safe to 500 degrees.”

Thanks for the tip.

Yeah, I’ve got a Fagor pressure cooker and it’s top notch stuff. Macy’s carries their pressure cookers. My Fagor pressure cooker is made in Spain, so perhaps these are, too.

My guess is yes since all the material is heat resistant. The handles, for example, are metal with a silicone covering. Silicone usually withstands 400F-800F.

Yep, Spain was one of the clues of tonight’s Woot game.