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More pots than you can shake a spoon at. Any personal reviews to share?

The Fagor 12" Paella Pan is on Amazon for $32.99 but no reviews. This looks interesting to me as a replacement for my long handled skillet, but I would be interested in others experiences.

Those paella pans would be worth getting just for the savings on postage alone.
Does anyone know if they’re stackable?

Don’t know why you couldn’t given the shape and sizes. I just toss old potholders in between my nonstick pans for protection. You’re right on the multiples being a deal for shipping. I didn’t think of that! :slight_smile:

Got the 16" paella pan, made a full panful of mixed paella for a dinner party, and 3 families ate the leftovers for two full days…it is HUGE, and it is wonderful!!!

I just looked at the Fagor cast ALUMINUM paella pans.

Sorry, but don’t induction burners need a ferromagnetic base on the pot?


Anyone know if these can go in the oven? I can’t imagine why not but the specs don’t mention it.

The paella pans look a lot like an “everyday pan” (AKA large skillet w/2 loop handles instead of 1 long handle) without the lid, and the 12" size paella pan would be exactly the same size as the Cuisenart “everyday pan” I currently own. The description says it’s oven-safe, but not to what temperature. Since it’s all-metal, though, it should be able to handle any temp used in normal cooking (even the high temps used for stuff like no-knead bread!).

since you have one, is the dimension listed the size of the interioir of the pan (cooking surface) or are the handles included in that measurement? looks like they’re fairly large, so might not fit in my tiny oven if it’s not including the grips. ( for example, an 8 inch frypan measurement is for the cooking surface, not actual pan dimension)

Most cast aluminum cookware is induction-compatible. Just make sure the manufacturer indicates as such. Fagor’s cast aluminum stuff works fine on induction burners.

Absolutely WRONG. A ferrous (iron) material is required to be in contact with the induction surface, so these pans will not work. Look for stainless steel clad over an aluminum core for good results or cast iron for great results.

A pan is induction-capable if a magnet will stick to it. Let’s see you try it on a cast aluminum pan…

Contemplating the Fagor pressure cooker. The price is OK - about the same as BBB with one of the ubiquitous 20% off coupons but no tax.
My comment is really about the cooker. Fagor makes very well regarded pressure cookers. Have the 8 Qt pot and love it. 4 Qt is a good size for side dishes or cooking for 1-2 people.

I agree. I have used quite a few pressure cookers in my life, and now I am fully stocked with only Fagor ones. The variable pressure valve is very useful for cooking different kinds of food.

Given the low rate of wear and tear I have been seeing so far, I have a feeling that my Fagor set (one small and one large one) of pressure cookers would be the last I would need to buy.

Highly recommended

Actually, what SalsaShark42 said was absolutely correct. Let’s review, with emphasis:

Most cast aluminum cookware will indeed work with induction cooktops. This is because the cookware isn’t 100% cast aluminum…the manufacturers usually impregnate or inlay the base with ferrous material to make it induction-compatible. This wasn’t the case with older cast aluminum cookware, but it’s been common for at least 15 years and it’s now to the point where non-inductive cast aluminum cookware is the exception rather than the rule. As SalsaShark42 stated, just make sure that the manufacturer says that it’s induction-compatible. The description of the Fagor Paella pans says “Compatible with gas, electric, radiant and induction cooktops.” Fagor is a major manufacturer of induction cooktops, so they probably know what they’re talking about.

By the way, the ferrous material is not required to be in contact with the induction surface; it only has to be in close proximity to it. This means that the ferrous metal can be sandwiched inside of the aluminum cookware. In the case of the Fagor Paella pans, however, you can see that the bottom is not solid aluminum; this is why they work with induction cooktops.

If you’re referring to the Paella pans, yes, the manual says they’re oven-safe to 500°.