Fast Food



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after March 6th



nice shirt, nice style.


lovin’ the skulll.

can live w/out the shirt, as I am broke. but it’s a good chuckle.


A Star Wars simile? Hmm… I liked cassette tapes better


Wow a shirt that conveys what I’ve been thinking all the time.


Congrats to the artist! Great design, I love the placement of the skull.


Funny and witty, but I personally don’t think I could pull off the dead burger look. Love the use of colors here though. Good job! * I just wish bright yellow/orange didn’t look so bad on me*


Whats with skulls? Not my thing at all


I get what it’s saying and all, but I LIKE the taste of fast food. I mean, I know the message is “IZ BAD FOR J00!” but I couldn’t publicly hate something I like. o.o


Interesting… def. the best woot of the week, but not for me.

Still, to the designer, I love the hell out of Cassette Taps, even if no one else did.


Don’t get it, and don’t like it. Reminds me of Burger Time.


ooooo good… a black shirt! never see those here! and a skull! how awesome! So unique and original!

come on woot…you are in a serious rut of late.


l o l…what? is this shirt calling me fat? is it telling me those Big Macs I love so much are going to kill me?

The design is neat, but I don’t need my clothes telling me what to eat. :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought this for the sole purpose of helping myself remember not to eat so much fast food…


I like the art style a lot. I do like fast food though. Don’t take that away from me man.


APPLAUSE!!! u rock! 30 hrs…wish I coulda read that one


It’s pretty cool. Too bad i’m 250 lbs. Would seem kind of hipocritical on me. :slight_smile:


Congrats to the artist. :smiley:


Clever idea I think but I don’t do skulls so i’ll pass… I can’t wait to find out what the next derby theme is. Hopefully i can crank out a design that tops 100 like my fiancee did this week. I’m kind of jealous… lolol