Fire TV Cube - 4K Ultra HD, Streaming Media Player

Fire TV Cube - 4K Ultra HD, Streaming Media Player

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Obviously NOT Tested. I received the cube today. Quick shipping! It would not connect to the included remote. I tried changing the batteries, holding the home button for 10 seconds, even tried to connect though the Fire TV app. Nothing. DOA. AND, I used a coupon for $5 that is apparently GONE. Thanks for nothing, Woot.

Contact woot cs they are pretty good on helping their customers out. Likely you could either opt for a replacement as they are still available or a refund which you will have to bring up the $5 coupon used therefore they can reinstate that promo code for you. I hope you will be helped regarding your discerns. To contact woot from your mobile app view your account than support than click the tab that states item received was defective. Email them they should respond back within 48 hrs.

ps: I don’t work for woot and in no way affiliated with their services. I just occasionally volunteer my time to answer others discerning comments on this here forum.


I have the same issue. Waiting to hear back from customer service

Pairing the remote

There are some troubleshooting tips on this page. Scroll down a bit.

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Same problem… went through all of the troubleshooting steps, including factory resetting remote. Nothing will get it to connect.

I got one of the refurb cubes about a month ago from the mothership and it came with the newer remote (with blue Alexa button and shortcut buttons). Mine would not connect to the remote either. I tried an older remote from one of my other fire sticks and it connected with the cube no problem. I updated the cube (multiple updates and restarts). After updates, it connected to the new remote without problems and I’ve been impressed. YMMV

I know not everyone has an older remote laying around so I understand the frustration.

What remote is shipping with these Woot refurbs?


These came with the new remotes as well, and your suggestion to use an old one worked like a charm. Thanks!


yea, don’t ever buy anything on woot that’s not new. 100% of the time it’s amazon returns. they say its tested, but they also say it’s from amazon stock and they ‘don’t have eyes on it’ so nothing is ever checked between the time it gets returned to amazon and the time it gets shipped out to the unsuspecting woot customers.

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Really disappointing to hear issues with Amazon “Certified Refurbished”. In our experience those devices are normally truly new condition and work fine.

It is the Amazon “Used” stuff that we are normally apprehensive about, since their real condition is a crap shoot regardless of claimed condition.

Note the Fire Cube is currently half price at Woot mothership Amazon, $59.99, new vs $44.99 here for refurb.

Bargain hunters won’t care, but Amazon just announced the 3rd gen Cube. Styling and performance/feature bumps, but also a list price bump from $119.99 to $139.99 (although that sting is reduced by code “4KCUBE” for a $40 discount).

Ordered and received one last week. After reading these comments I’m glad I didnt open it. If I return it will Woot rip me off for some ridiculous return postage fee? I hadn’t purchased electronic items from Woot in a long time, and didn’t realize that their sales practices had become so deceptive and unreliable! Thanks

Hi there, below is Woot’s return policy.

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Hi there. These were direct from Amazon. We’ve alerted them to the issue with some devices and the remotes. Note that we sold hundreds and you’re seeing the posts of just a few so it’s likely not an issue that affects all devices.

We will provide a pre-paid label as long as the customer doesn’t abuse our kindness.

Same issue with the remote - and that is after spending an hour on the line with Amazon Tech Support. They had me do no less than 6 different methods of resetting the remote, the Cube, etc. No luck. Support person said, “Yeah. You’re gonna need to return that to Woot.” To their credit, Woot was good with it, and provided the shipping label.

Thanks for the reply to my post, and for the information. I’ve been on Woot for quite a while, and my very first purchases were electronics, such as Roku boxes. I see your point, just had me concerned as I was on the fence about ordering this Fire Cube to begin with. I’m going to take you up on your offer to return it, simply because this would be my first Fire streaming device, and I simply don’t have the time to play around with it, if it does have issues. I guess I should have purchased one of those older model sticks, so I’d have a remote, but who knew! But I do appreciate your courtesy, and I will still purchase all types of things on Woot!


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I had a delay getting my Fire TV Cube, was afraid about the issues with the control remote, BUT yesterday I get it, and is working correctly, received all the updates from Amazon and the new interface is on the last version.

Hopefully the issues could be solved.


Nothing but issues since this was opened (which was after the return window as this was a gift). If I cannot return it, how would I get warranty service? Or would Woot make an exception and take a return since these clearly had issues and were not properly tested?

The Cube does have a 1 year Amazon warranty, which you can find at the bottom of the product listing here on Woot (clickable at the top of this thread). Click on it and it will take you to an Amazon page with more information.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)