Flatware: Gettin' Mad Flat

I just received my Harmony Mikasa set from last week this was on Woot, and I have to say, though nice, this set is HUGE.

I really wish they’d put the inches as part of the dimensions of the forks or spoons - this stuff is easily 1.5x the size of my current silverware, in both height and width of the top portions. It’s still really nice, but it almost looks like serviceware it’s so big.

We may save it for setting the table when we have guests over but we’ll probably look for smaller stuff for everyday use.

“Yo, this flatware be MAD flat, yo! See them tines? Them tines be GALACTIC tines! … Daaaaamn.”

Jesse? Jesse Pinkman, is that you?!

The purpose of the extra large silverware is to cater to the current state of the over-indulgent Standard American Diet™.

What is the difference between 18/0 and 18/10? I’m looking for something that doesn’t bend in cottage cheese like most stuff seems to do. Thanks!

18/10 (18 percent chromium (hardness) and 10 percent nickel content (corrosion resistance))
• Brilliant luster
• Rust-resistant material
• Durable construction
• Easy to maintain

18/0 (18 percent chromium and no nickel content)
• Soft shine
• Zero nickel content
• Economical design
• Subject to staining

Haysoos, people! This just came in my mailbox and it’s sold out? Did the Woot employees buy them all or were there very, very few? I’ve been looking for new flatware and was going to spend a lot more at Amazon…I guess I still will.

Anyone else notice the sales stats for the Oneida set? It looks like only 1 set was sold before it was “sold out.” What in the world was that about?

I wish these had measurements, too: these days, I end up using teaspoons as tablespoons, because “modern” tablespoons are actually too big to fit in my mouth.

And hey: how about a set of generic teaspoons? :3?

I recently got the 65 piece set from Outlet Trail thru Amazon for $109 with free ship and no CA tax. Now Amazon has it for $111 with free prime shipping . We like the pieces they fit in our hands nicely and look very good (shiny). I think they are a little large but fit in our caddy well and look good. I really like them as does my wife.

what is up with that Oneida set?

Not sure what you’re asking…

I think they’re wondering why the Oneida is sold out with only one purchase. Maybe someone entered the listing wrong? Or did you guys really only have one set to sell?

If it’s something we’ve sold before, yes it’s possible to have only one for sale. It still needs to be sold and it’s taking up bin space.