Mikasa 50pc Set-Your Choice 3 Styles

… Brilliance, in flatware form.

(The silverware set is nice, too.)

Not sure if these are the same sets (with an additional) that were listed here. If so, there has been a $20 price drop.

great reviews on the Contempo pattern over at macys


Love the straightforward descriptions in which it is clear that all three styles are 18/0, made in China, and dishwasher safe.

Well, a little puzzled too, what with all these reports of dishwasher damage on other types.

But yes, whadda price.

Check out these comments from fellow wooters on the Chloe Frost pattern back when this was sold this past January.


Hold out for 18/10 flatware. 18/0 is not dishwasher safe. You’ll be sorry…

I bought a 20 piece satin tanner set from Mikasa a couple years ago and I’ve been looking to get additional pieces because the set looks nice and is sturdy. It has a soft, matte shine which I prefer over 18/10 flatware.

Even though there’s no nickel in the steel none of the forks or spoons have stained or rusted after many runs through the dishwasher. Only a few of the knives have a little bit of staining but they are easily removed (and probably prevented had they not been left soaking in water for too long). Plus I read knives stain more easily because of their carbon steel content. If you follow Mikasa’s maintenance tips and take good care of your 18/0 flatware it can last you a long time.

P.S. I grabbed two of the satin tanner sets.

this site says that 18/0 is ideal for dishwashers http://www.silversuperstore.com/stainless_steel_flatware/quality_differences.html

"Chromium gives a flatware pattern its rust-resistant qualities. It is the best available in consumer stainless steel flatware patterns. The presence of Nickel gives a flatware pattern a superior shine, which is intended to mimic new silver flatware. Nickel is very expensive, and is a major contributor to the price of flatware.

So, here’s what the numbers mean:
18/8 flatware - 18% Chromium, 8% Nickel
18/10 flatware - 18% Chromium, 10% Nickel
18/0 flatware - 18% Chromium, no Nickel
13/0 flatware - 13% Chromium, no Nickel

Which one is better? Well, if you want flatware with a high polish finish and superior rust resistant qualities, pick a flatware that is 18/8 or 18/10. If you are opening a restaurant, and want to keep your costs down, as well as being able to wash it several times a day in the dishwasher, pick a 13/0 or 18/0 flatware pattern with a cheap, flat handle knife."

Why oh why does everything have to be made in China?

Thanks for the tip , this is interesting to know.
So,these Mikasa here are 18/0 ,safe for repeating dishwasher and not much for the look .
No wonder it’s kinda cheap for the Mikasa brand.

Because that’s the American way, sadly…

Thanks for the education! I knew nothing on this topic until I read your post.

I am very happy with my purchase.