Fleur de Sel Chocolate Covered Caramels

Oh thank God, I thought I’d missed them!

I do wish you guys would stop putting these on the Wine site, though - it’s blocked at work so I have to order on my phone :confused:

That won’t be a problem for long. :wah:

Still mixed milk/dark and hoping for all dark…

I think you need to buy two, and repackage the milks as a lovely gift.

Is it two boxes or one giant box?

Still mixed milk/dark? Hoping for all milk…

We should trade…

One box.

This isn’t the same seller as before when I bought them. Why does it say sold by Wine Country Connect if it’s from The Candy Basket? Is it the same place?

The truth is out there, Agent Fox Mulder. It’s a giant conspiracy, is what it is.

Wine.woot is run by WCC, which handles all the w.woot orders. When you bought them before, was it here, or a different part of Woot?

Is it any good? Enjoyable and suitable to give clients for xmas?

They will love you forever.

I just ordered some. They are in “new” condition, so your clients should be more than pleased.

Hands down the best sea salt caramels out there. I’m so glad I saw this!

I bought it from Woot. It was only $22.99 for 2 pounds much better deal then. But it’s been a while. If it was all dark chocolate I’d be in for one.

Yeah, the fact that this one includes shipping and that one didn’t only accounts in part for the price difference. And this box is one ounce shy of two lbs. But, I guess ingredients, etc., do get more expensive as time goes by.

I’m with you, dark chocolate’s the way to go.

I got huge thanks and high approval from those I gave them to a couple of years ago.

Totally . .

Costco sells the Sanders brand - 36 ounces for about ten bucks.

They’re in stores from November to a little after Christmas every year.
I guarantee that the ones on this woot sale are NOT 5 times better than what you can get at Costco, right now. In fact, I’ll bet you could not tell the difference with your eyes closed.
Oh… and… all dark chocolate. :slight_smile: