Flex Seal Flex Shot 8oz Sealant (4-Pack)

Flex Seal Flex Shot 8oz Sealant (4-Pack)

I purchased this product to seal up a couple of leaky holes in my bathroom. It’s very easy to apply, it adheres well to the surface and so far has done an excellent job of sealing up the cracks I used it for.

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I love this stuff.

What happens if I apply this directly to my forehead?

It’s caulk. Expensive caulk.

The tape and spray I can understand, as they fill absent niches. But this stuff? Sorry, but there are 100 different caulks, for any application, twice the size, 1/4 the price, at my local HD.


It’s adhesive caulk.

Yup. Cheap and readily available, by any standard.

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Did you factor in the cost of a caulking gun?

For the $4 they cost and last literally generations? Yeah. Lol.


Anytime I try to reuse a tube of traditional caulk, I find that it has dried up and/or the nozzle is clogged. This product can be used again and again. Do you have any tips on how to reuse the cheap and readily available caulk?

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Sure - several things.

First, try to cut off only the minimum amount of surface (for the initial hole) as possible. You’ll be doing that again. Next, when finished, “seal” the top with foil, plastic wrap, or wall putty, so that oxidation (drying) is kept to a minimum. And last, plan on cutting that dried end off, next time you use the tube.

You can even use an awl or small screwdriver to clear/pull out the dried caulk, to clear the hole.

Worst case, just spend the $1.50 and get another tube. :wink:


Depending on how large of a hole the caulk tube has in it I use a common nail with a head. Not only does the nail fit snuggly but even if the caulk does cure in the neck of the tube the shank of the nail leaves behind a passage to allow the remaining caulk to get out.


Great tip. :+1:

Now I have to buy a nail?! :relaxed:


A screw will work :wink:

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Generally does. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I can trust Flex Seal with my various boat projects, I’m confident I can trust them with my much smaller stuff as well.

Caulk guns over time grow legs and scurry into the wilds.

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Just use a screwdriver to open up the nozzle. The caulk in the tube is usually still OK.
At 18 cents/ounce a regular tube of caulk is far cheaper than this stuff which is $1.22/ounce.

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Trust is irrelevant.

Nobody’s claiming it’s a bad product. We’re saying there are analogous products for far less cost per volume.