Fraudulent Order

Received an email about an order connected to my email. Said I placed an order but I did not. Cannot call anyone. Had to set up an account to get this far. What is going on and why doesn’t this site have a phone number?

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Contact Customer Service


it could have been a fake email. I have gotten some about orders I placed on amazon that were not my orders. I didn’t click the links in the email, just looked on amazon.

Hello there.

First, look at your bank accounts and see if an fraudulent charge was made. If so, make sure you report it to your bank.

Next, you can contact Woot Customer Service. To do so, please email Give them as much information as you can.

• The exact amount of the charge.
• Last 4 numbers of the credit card so we can research the charges.
• Bank transaction number for the charges might help as well.

Woot CS will be happy to help you.