FREE Digital Download: Coloring Page #14

Remember that one time, you just needed to get away from Scream Town? You walked into the secret door in your backyard tree just like Jack Skellington? Yeah, our tree took us to this strange place where everyone is wearing masks.

Get ready for your great escape with “A Most Horrible Circle” by kg07. Check out kg07’s full Shirt catalog here for coloring inspiration!

Click on the link below to download today’s free coloring page, print it out in black and white at your nearest Scream Town and color 'til your arms fall off.

Click here to download the full size PDF image!
Click here to download the full size PNG image!

If you could escape from the current situation, where would you go?


If I could escape, I’d go to the future where it’s (hopefully) post-pandemic.


I’ve always loved this design, and now I’m inspired to embroider this onto something. Perhaps some day after this is all over and I can actually browse the craft stores again. //wistful sigh//

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I thought these were being posted daily? I haven’t see yesterday’s or today’s yet. I’ve printed out most of them to color…

I believe it’s Fri-Sun as the shirt daily. Today is a derby winner.

Ah! ok. I’ll be looking out tomorrow for the new one, then.

Just looked. Not one tomorrow. I guess Saturday. :\

Correction: There is one tomorrow so Fri-Sun.

Just ignore me.

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