Freedom is Sweet

Congrats, walmazan! Here’s a toast to the sprinkles of freedom and love!

Love rules…and frosts too!

The Derby #454: Love link on the shirt.woot homepage is missing the colon.

Gah, must be uncomfortable, missing a colon.

Excellent. Bright and fun. I have promised to buy one for my wife so we can not exactly match when I wear one of my Fresh Cake shirts.

The first few times I got my baby girl ready for her first baths, I’d yell, “You’re freeeee!” when taking off her onesie, and she’d get all excited.

Now she runs around the house yelling “FREE!” whenever she’s lucky enough to escape our grasp wearing nothing but a diaper.

This shirt is soooo her.

Being an experienced Grandpa and longtime Dad, I can appreciate the fine editing in your post :wink:

You’re right, it’s probably suuuper uncomfortable to be down a whole entire colon.

Speaking of said colon, please forgive my ignorance (and really tired eyes), but I’m not quite seeing where the colon-less derby title is hiding.

I like the rainbow cupcake, but that upside-down W is killing me.

I love a happy cupcake.

Why are the sprinkles only white? That is a little prejudice. :tongue:

Try clicking the “1st place in Derby #454: Love with 146 votes.” link at the top right of the shirt.woot homepage. It won’t work, because it’s currently linking to http// – which is missing the colon after http.

Fixed it!

This sounds like a good justification for why an automated 25-station screen printing press is needed. :slight_smile:

In the meantime …

Congratulations, Walmazan! This makes me proud to be a cupcake lover.

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Oy!

Where is the purple stripe?

I’m thinking this would be an excellent shirt to wear on Cinco de Mayo. Love the colors!

So rehashing old shirts is okay now? This community has run off artists for less.