Fuel GoCart 2 Rider Tube

I had one that was really similar in shape to this when I was growing up. The cool thing about this one is if you only have one rider in it, and it’s pretty windy out there is a good chance you’ll get launched into the air if you jump the wake just right.

I wish I could find the video of my brother flying up getting launched ~10 ft in the air to post, but that’s buried somewhere far far away. The triangle shape does make for some great lift if you lean into the wind.

Edit: I should add that On solo runs immediately after launching we’d usually flip over and fall ~5-10 ft into the water. Might be dangerous but we had a lot of fun doing it.

I am a fan of the flame skin on it. That would look pretty slick skimming across the water. Another benefit of the dual seat is if you are by yourself and hit a bump, you got a pretty good shot at just launching over to the other side.

This looks like fun.

What an odd name for a water toy.

Haha lichme got jacked.

Close but no Cigar TT!

Where does the fuel go?

In the inflatable headrests, where it says “FUEL.”

Maybe that’s happened to me, which is why i have so few QP.

Brat. Fixed.

Can someone tell me if this is a good deal?

This is a fantastic deal. Normally they are $250, $350 for a 3 seater

What I’ve found with this style of tube (I have one similar but a different brand) is that they are very stable and almost non-flippable. Consequently, great for kids up to about 6-7 and adults over 35. Older kids and younger adults are generally looking for something more dangerous (the low flat tubes are fairly popular now).

This is for sure a deal. As it was said before these are $250 or more usually.

And I do recall that a design similar to this was rather prone to going airborne. :slight_smile: mwuahahahahahahahaahaha the possibilities!!

Anyone know how this rides with just 1 rider?

With this having a weight limit of 340, is it designed for younger children? We have a lot of kids in the high 100’s and need to make sure it would be durable with up to 400 lbs

I hate to admit it but I have a 1 person tube that has a weight limit of far less than people I put on it and it has been fine. I think it’s 150lbs and I have put guys on it up to 240…lol Worst case is you break the tube. I don’t think 400 pounds breaks this tube or is unsafe. It’s probably safer actually cause it won’t flip as easy!

this is a great deal these tubes are really expensive but very fun. Additionally perhaps because I am older I enjoy a tube where I can lay out and hold onto handles(or not!) in the front. Additionally as for the weight limit I wouldn’t be worried about breaking it but know when you have a lot of weight you have to give it a faster start otherwise it will get pulled under.

I was wondering how this would be for adults…but it appears each adult would need to weigh 170 pounds each (per the weight capacity of 340 pounds max)…doubt that will be likely with two adults being 6 foot or taller. Even if one person is 200, the other person needs to be 140 or less… Guess this one is more for the kids then!!

Costco sells these each spring…well a 4 person version for usually around $200. And remember…Costco takes anything back anytime. Just saying…

Also, if you do buy one of these, be sure to do two things:

First, keep it covered up. Direct sunlight will break down the nylon and cause the straps to break prematurely.

Second, make sure you dry it COMPLETELY before storage.