Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS



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Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Does this work on all cars?


I might be in for 1. Anyone have one of these already?


If only it had a spiffier name… like Nu Nu…


Garmin is the best dont have this model


I know where I am.


Will this work with a Mac or PC?


cnet review
Cnet link
customer rating of 8.4

only 238 on amazon
Amazon link


these work great, will be buying another one for my wife


3.5 inch screen is big. Bigger than my 2 inch screen. I might have to get 3 of these.


How does this compare to the Tom Tom GPS I keep seeing on the Woot offs?


whats a difference between nuvi 200 and nuvi 350?
i got nuvi 350 and it rocks my socks.


found my own answer

basically 350 also has mp3 player and other junk like a calculator…


I have the 250 (I got it for 250 at Costco) and it is awesome. I’d get this if I didnt already have the 250!


I’ll stick to my Pocket PC with iGuidance.

#16 $269.99


The price on GPS units are dropping fast. By Christmas some units will go for under a hundred buck.


Do some research SD will work with a 4 gig card. Not recommended, But will work.


Re - 1019 Auburn Way S., Auburn, WA: we think we saw that kid who played Boxey on Battlestar: Galactica getting a key made here. Seemed like a nice guy.

That’s a 7-11…no keys made there…perhaps a key of Bolivian marching powder was sold there…not a great area to be in.


I have the Nuvi 660 and I love it. I paid over $800 for it 9 months ago and I thought I had to go with the 4" screen but in reality I find myself listening to the directions not looking at the map so this is actually a FANTASTIC DEAL SINCE IT IS NEW.