Gear Pro Sport Action Cams

Gear Pro is not Go Pro.

True! it’s not, but affordable.

I took a quick glance and saw ‘G…Pro’ and thought “GoPro for 144?!” :expressionless:


Anyone have one of these ? Compared its specs to the GoPro hero3 and they look fairly simular. Only issue is i cant find a website for GearPro… says 1 year warranty but not sure how that works if they don’t even have a website…?

Gear Pro comes to us courtesy of the lovely folks at Pyle.

cool, thanks. Thinking about buying one but still not sure…

After reading the reviews (shockingly there are NO reviews of the 1080 version), I would hold off on buying it. As stated this is a Pyle product, and they are generally extremely cheaply made products. The suggested retail price on them is a joke, nothing they make EVER sells close to that and always appears “on sale” on any site you look at.

Also note that it looks like this has a fixed lens, F3.1 9.3mm lens, which means that anything not DIRECTLY in front of the lens will appear blurry.

I considered buying this, then I went to Amazon and checked the pricing on it…you can get it brand new on their website for sub $100, just over that factoring in shipping.

If you must buy this, READ THE REVIEWS, almost everyone is displeased with it. If after that you still want one, I would suggest finding it as cheap as possible, as many reviews say the manufacturer fails to respond to warranty requests.

This is garbage do not buy read reviews ! Purchased one at Xmas for my daughter. 1st time used it crapped out . Went to white screen and the would not power up ! Save your money and buy a go pro

Garbage !

The gopro has a fixed lens too. However, the focal length on both of these is so short that it doesn’t matter at all. In fact, Because this camera has a higher F stop, if you want to look at tech specs then it will have a WIDER focus field than even the Hero 3+ Black. You need to know what all the specs mean before you pass judgements like that

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money to get a GoPro. You won’t regret it and the customer service over there is fantastic. I’ve never had a good experience with Pyle products. As stated above, they are very cheaply made, and this is such a blatant rip off of GoPro they should be ashamed of themselves!

I ended up buying one on the previous sales and I am going to advise against it. I’ve had it for a few months and battery now craps out within a minute. If it is plugged in it craps out after 15.

I also noticed some cracking on the case. I pulled it apart when the battery started to go and it looks like the battery packs started to swell.

I respectfully disagree, and I will try to refrain from insulting you even though you have not granted me the same courtesy.

Looking in my pantry I am viewing perishable goods, not electronic equipment, and when considering the price range and uses, the impact of one’s choice carries much less consequence in this situation, whether that be positive or negative.

What I was referring to in my post, was Pyle’s blatant rip of the name GoPro, which in this case is used strategically to deceive consumers who may not know the difference. I was merely trying to make potential consumers aware of my opinion of this brand/product and it’s relation, or lack thereof, to the more popular GoPro.

I am a marketing professional, and with that said I believe in a certain code of ethics and respect when it comes to the creative works of others and licensed products, so before you call a person “ignorant” and reference different Cola (which is an entirely different topic that is not applicable in this situation), I would suggest that you think about how you address people, and reconsider your manners next time.

Thank you for being civil in your response. Message boards need more people like you and less trolls/people with no manners.

Ok, I am sorry for being so harsh. There are just too many people who rip products with no actual experience with them. My other point was that it does happen all the time (as a Marketing person, you know). I am no troll, but felt that bashing a company for using a name that is so close, and yes, deceptive to some, is not fair considering how many companies do it (again as a marketing professional you know). Finally, as this is a Woot forum and most things here are not to be taken seriously, I got a kick out of my kid being so against a company that they should be sued for making a similar product, with a similar color, style, packaging, taste, etc. because they stole it…I hope you are mad at Kia too because their new sedan has all the lines/style features of a Cadillac at 1/3rd the price… :slight_smile:

Just bought the gopro Hero 3+ Sliver for +50 more than this camera go pro running $100 off deal right now. Anyways anyone notice the pictures have the camera photoshoped onto the helmets?

First time using Woot and this product: Got this camera 6 days ago. It has never worked. I tried to contact Woot who made a case to answer my question however contrary to their statement that they would reply within 24 hours it still have never happened. I just need to know how to return this unusable camera.

I’m sorry for the delay. CS is getting back to people in 1-2 business days right now. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so they can look into it.

Also note that it looks like this has a fixed lens, F3.1 9.3mm lens, which means that anything not DIRECTLY in front of the lens will appear blurry. "

Please explain what you mean by this.

I am not sure that the lens will be an issue, My trusty old GoPro Hero HD has a fixed f/2.8 lens and I have gotten lots of good use out of it for 4 years. The reason I would avoid GearPro is simply that their reviews are pretty much universally horrible with the product not working at all or dying quickly.