Give me a tour..

I am new on this site and the app and it seems so interesting and i like all of the deals and different group conversations… i just don’t really understand the app. Idk where to find a tutorial or instructions or a digital tour… idk. Anything will help me.

Welcome, have a seat, kick your shoes off, stay a little while.

Here’s a few handy dandy links that might prove helpful.

The first is a very general introduction to how the forums are organized…

The next one up introduces some spiffy ways to create your own posts which it appears you’ve already started mastering…

The final stop in tonight’s tour is a spot you can drop into anytime to shoot the breeze. There are some extra nice folks in there and there’s also @Williamdavi too. Whatever you do, don’t look him in the eyes or move anywhere close to his neighborhood.

There’s always something going on around here so I hope stick around. You may have just find your new addiction. You’ve been warned.


Thank you so much! This is going to help me dramatically! :heart: