Giving from the heart

It’s a heart…I get it!

this shirt is soooo wrong.

Cuteness… reading… overload!!!

reminds me of the Simpsons episode where they censor the Itchy and Scratchy show.

if i wore this as a guy, i would get beat up.

and then hit on by men.

The bees and flowers have a mutually symbiotic relationship…that’s not giving!

Congrats, Lucky! The ‘aww’ factor has been filled for the month.

The cuteness is… did you see the size of that mouse.

This shirt is absolutely adorable!

this would be a great shirt to give to a girlfriend!

Congrats Lucky, this was/is an adorable shirt:)

Flippin’ YES!!! This makes me so happy ;_;. I finally get a lucky88 shirt!!!

I’ll pimp this to my ratty people, they will love it!

Like that mouse needs anymore food…

What do you think, Laura? Should I buy it for you?

Do mine eyes deceive me? A cute animal design with strong composition, a clear concept, great use of color, and a clean, bright, well-executed style that has charm without ladling on the saccharine?

Gack! What a cheesy shirt. Someone had to say it. :tongue:

I’m more of a Nevermore kinda girl.

If I were to get this for the wife as a sleep shirt…what size would that be?

He’s probably just fattening the mouse up to eat later.

Just sayin’.