women t shirts?


Last week I decided to finally buy a woot shirt. I followed the sizing chart and bought a women large. But is it just me or these shirts are like men shirts??? I thought a women shirt would be a little bit better shaped, maybe like some old think geek shirt I had but this one is really straight! Is this the only tee shape woot has? If that is the case I think I won’t by any more tees from Woot :frowning:


I’ve been buying woot shirts for 3 years. I currently live in China so I buy shirts and have them shipped to my parents so I have a nicce stack of new shirts waiting for me when I visit and I don’t have to pack so many clothes. I was furious when I got home and all of my new woot shirts were 3 times the normal size! I held them up to the shirts my husband orders (he orders men’s XLs) and they are the same size! I’m so mad. I never saw any warning when I placing my orders that “sizes have changed! check before you order!” If they don’t replace my shirts, I won’t be ordering any more.


hey, woot…
they seem pretty upset.


About a change that happened at the beginning of the year, was announced before hand, discussed extensively?

Sigh. I get it. But really, at some point, it is the customers responsibility. Go, read the the shirt.woot forum (not the Everything But Woot forum). Lots of threads, including pictures and comparisons. For those who wore a WL in AA, the MS is close in Anvil. There isn’t a good option for WS wearers. They will shrink, though, so if it’s just a bit too big, washing and drying might work well.