Google Pixel (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Google Pixel (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Just a word of warning. Bought one from another vendor and the battery would never stay charged. Apparently that is a problem with the Pixel and Pixel2 versions. It would get to 100%, unplug from the cable and plug back in and it would be at 20%. We ended up returning it and got an LG instead.

I sure would hope these would have new batteries, but it is a gamble. I had a Pixel for 2 years and it was great until the battery stopped holding a charge.

We test all the batteries and if they don’t pass, we replace them.

Sure. I just hope the test is comprehensive enough to identify the issue of fully charging only for it to drop down to 30% almost immediately after unplugging.

  1. These are prone to screen burn.
  2. They will not be updated beyond Android 10. edit applies the OG Pixel only!
  3. The Verizon models do not allow the bootloader to be unlocked, which rules out installing custom ROMs.
  4. These are great phones with amazing cameras and unlimited full-res photo storage in the Google cloud. edit full-res storage applies the OG Pixel only!

Wasn’t that only an issue for the XL variety?

I did some flipping of almost every generation of the Pixels.

Even some non XL versions had burn-in issues.