Gourmet Coffee Cafe Single Serving Coffeemaker with Free Coffee

I can pass on this stuff

Gourmet Coffee Cafe Single Serving Coffeemaker with Free Coffee
$19.99+ $5 shipping

1 Gourmet Coffee Cafe Pod Coffeemaker with Free Coffee - N6PM1B

I have a senseo, it’s similar I guess.

i wonder how much refills are?

My aunt would love this - would have been a better present for mum than the flashlight as well…

How much are the refill packs once I’ve drank the free ones?

The word coffee is in the title 3 times … that means you have to buy three!

Where do I buy the coffee when it runs out? This only gives me 72 days worth! :slight_smile:

Meh. I’ll stick to my Keurig…

Where do you get more pods?

Hummm, I need a new coffee maker…but I usually like to make 2-4 cups at a time. Is this the new one for me? Seems a tad limiting with the single serves.


who doesnt like a good cup of Joe. Paid $70 for my senseo, so 19 looks nice.

Edit: looks like it was part of some kind of coffee club: http://www.mycoffeecafe.com/cafe.asp?secureID=&Country=

Flash demo of the machine here: http://www.mycoffeecafe.com/FlashDemo.html

A full review of it here: http://www.singleservecoffee.com/archives/001963.php#more

My biggest concern is the cost of the coffee refills. I have my standard favorites in the coffee world, but I’d have to give them up to use an item like this. So the troller thinks it’s time to stick with my French Press.

Walmart sells a pod holder that lets you add your own ground coffee for about 10 bucks.

Anyone have a clue on availability or cost of replacement pods?

i think i’ll stick with my low-tech french press. most drip (i guess this is drip, otherwise cheap espresso) makers don’t get anywhere close to the desired 200 deg F needed for coffee.

Does anyone know if this works with 220v?

Do you have to buy brand-specific stuff to make with it or can you use any type of coffee?

So can you only use the pods that are included, or is there a way to use any kind of coffee? Because the description says “regular coffee” but it’s no more specific than that.

quasi-Review here:

Looks like some kind of multi-level marketing product…?