Gourmet Coffee Cafe Single Serving Coffeemaker with Free Coffee

For those of you worried about how much replacement Coffee Pods might cost, or that you won’t be able to get your favorite variety of coffee or tea, there are instructions at the following page for making your own coffee pods:


This machine takes 55mm pods, so the Walmart refill kits designed for the Senseo machines (which take 62mm pods) will not work.

This looks great, but I’m concerned. There are several different coffee “pod” formats. Which one is this? I want to be able buy more pods in the store and I don’t want some off-brand that restricts me to a unique pod that requires me to get my coffee from only one company.

Foldger’s makes pods that are a few bucks for like 10. They’re nice and easy to deal with.


what ever happened to real coffee? i am in dire need of a single cup coffee maker, but pods? ehh… no.

the blog info is better than the product.

This isnt drip but forced hot water, possibly steam, through the grounds. Don’t know the temp however but if it is steam, which i suspect, it will be very close if not above 200F.

Am I the only one that is thrilled by this? Maybe it’s because I’m up late and craving coffee but I just immediately bought one.
Sure, I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I’ve always wanted one of these things ever since I stayed at my sister’s and used her $200 Krups pod coffee machine. They’re so fast and easy to clean and I can’t believe it comes with all that coffee (and tea). Hopefully it’s compatible with Krups and other similar pod coffee machines.

High tech coffee, no thanks, I’ll stick with my French press.

I own the Senseo. Only good if only one cup needed. but we drink mugs of coffee and it is just no enough.

If you are interested in making your own “pods”, WalMart sells a generic set up that you can fill your own coffee pods, I can’t verify that it would fit this particular model, but it looks very similar. If it fits, it goes for about 5bucks and you can use the coffee of your choice.

How many watts does this use?

Think it’s possible to put normal coffee in it? Sort of like an espresso machine? Perhaps make a jimmy rigged pod out of a normal coffee filter? I want to buy one, but suspect the coffee is comes with will be junk.

BTW, awesome wootcast today…

I showed this woot to my Tassimo and in less than a minute, brewed a cup of the tastiest coffee I’ve had yet… weird…

A friend of mine has one of these things and the coffee seriously sucks!

However, true story: I fixed Joan’s Osborne’s zipper on her tiny black skirt in the bathroom at a private concert.

I was at a KFOG private concert back in the early 90’s at Yoshi’s in Oakland, CA(when it was still on Claremont Ave!) I went upstairs to go the bathroom and that’s when they took a break. She was wearing a short black skirt and was having problems with the zipper so she asked me to help. She was was very sweet - I think I remember she complimented my hair and I complimented her legs.

since you throw away the pods after using them, do you throw away the machine after using up your free pods? that may be the case if you can’t find the pods… i guess for $20, it might be feasable…

even if you could find pods, how reliable is this company? would it last beyond the 72 free pods?? don’t milk frothers break pretty easily? (unless you are constantly cleaning it??)

This is a great deal! Once you run out of the FREE pods, you can purhcase a plastic filter that will hold your favorite coffee…this is much cheaper than the pods.

Full review: http://www.singleservecoffee.com/archives/001963.php#more

Make your own pods…

The internets is our friends.

I don’t even want to imagine the kind of crap coffee that this thing surely spits out.

bought 1 ^^, need a thingy to froth milk with :smiley:

@ the 72 days worth of coffee… this is more like a weeks worth. i probably drink 6 or 7 cups a work day… this would be cool for my desk, but not as a primary coffee maker.