Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker

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I have had this unit in the past and I was not very happy with the thermal carafe’s ability to keep the coffee at a serviceable temperature for more than 20 minutes…



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I have a Cuisinart Grind and Brew that grinds the beans and makes the coffee. It also has a timer so I can set it to make the coffee at a certain time.

I gave my brother one and he uses it as an alarm clock, set to make coffee at 5:00 am. He says the grinder wakes him up.

Anyway, my Cuisinart has been running flawless since 2004, “grinding” a pot of coffee every three days since. That’s surprising to me since there’s so many mechanical parts to the Grind and Brew coffeemaker.

Interesting to me is that my exact model from six years ago is still available (even though Cuisinart has later models).

I use a Krups electric tea kettle to heat about three cups of coffee a day (that is, from ten cups that the Cuisinart has made).

(The Krups kettle heats 13 cups of water to boiling in about three minutes, but heats a cup large mug of coffee in about 60 seconds. It’s not supposed to be used to heat beverages, it’s only for water, but it heats a cup of black coffee just fine. Don’t use it to heat coffee with cream, it will overflow and make a mess.)

Anyway, if this works as well and lasts as long as my Grind and Brew does, I’d say get it. It will be a great coffee maker for years.

Sidenote: I also use my Grind and Brew with ground coffee. My experience with Cuisinart coffeemakers is that they are pretty good on making coffee exactly to your liking.

Other’s experience may differ, of course.

Well that’s way more than you probably want to know about coffeemakers, especially how I make it. But this is better than reheating coffee in the microwave, which is what I used to do, a pot of coffee lasting me about five days. Day five of nuked coffee was pretty much like battery acid.

Here’s the manual

I bought this exact item on sellout.woot a month or so ago, and I’ve been loving mine. Yes, the carafe is too narrow to get your hand in to wash it, and yes, it is a little loud while it’s brewing, but the coffee tastes great and stays hot for hours.

Please allow me to clarify my previous post:

The ideal brewing temperature should fall between 200F - 210F. The thermal carafe should be at or near that temperature before the brewed coffee is introduced and this means you must preheat the carafe before the brewing process starts, otherwise the freshly brewed coffee temperature will immediately be compromised by the much cooler stainless steel environment. Basically this makes the “programmable” aspect of the unit moot due to the fact that you must preheat the carafe just before starting the brewing process. That means no laying about in bed waiting for the freshly brewed coffee to be available upon rising. In short, this unit is a hassle…

Well “serviceable” is in the eye of the drinker. Regardless if made at home or bought at a Starbucks, I like to glup down my coffee, maybe in 10 minutes at most. If coffee is too hot I can’t do that. But I’m not a coffee sipper nor one who takes a half hour to drink a cup. (Of course, this means if I get distracted and let my coffee sit for a spell, I end of having warm to cold coffee, which I don’t mind, that is, rather than wasting the coffee by throwing it away.)

I set my Cuisinart to stay on for three hours and the coffee has remained hot enough (excuse me, I mean serviceable) for even a half hour after the coffeemaker times off.

That said, I have never had a coffeemaker that keeps the coffee as hot as when it first drips into the pot. I suspect that’s simply a limitation of the heating element, by design.

For sure, if I was a coffeemaker maker I would not want the burner to get too hot out of concern that I would be sued by someone who burns himself when coming into contact with the hot metal plate.

As it is, if one touches the heating plate or the bottom of the pot he will experience a painful sensation, but he won’t suffer third degree burns.

But crank up the heat to frying pan hot, I can see someone serving a cup to a loved one, her arm coming in contact with the way-too-hot pot, and wham-o it’s lawsuit time. (Remember the McDonald’s lawsuit over the coffee that scalded the old lady. That could just as well be a coffeemaker manufacturer whose maker produces and keeps coffee too hot.)

P.s. Keep in mind I am not too picky on my coffee. I drank lots of coffee in the military and acquired my lack of taste there. Those of you who were or are in the military know what I mean, coffee as dark as 20,000 mile motor oil. :slight_smile:

This unit does not have a heated warming plate feature…

From the aforementioned Manual:

“3. Before thermal carafe is returned to platform, prewarm carafe by
running warm water through it. Prewarming carafe will help keep
coffee warmer.

Like blumie, I bought this coffeemaker the last time it was available, and I love it! I was a bit worried how it would perform based on previous complaints about it overflowing/clogging, but I have had no issues with this.

To note, I grind my coffee fairly fine (setting #10 on a Maestro burr grinder) and consistently preheat the carafe; the coffee stays hot all morning and well into the afternoon (if there’s any left).

The carafe open is a tad narrow, but I find that a bottle brush and a teaspoon of Oxy Clean works well when you want to clean it (I don’t clean mine every day; probably once every two weeks).

Got mine during a recent woot-off and am very pleased. Coffee stays hot for hours and I’m not using electricity for a heating plate to keep it warm. In fact, it stays warmer than my last coffee maker with a warming plate. Recommend.

Also bought this the last time it was available, and have been really happy with it. Keeps the coffee hotter than previous thermal carafe. While setting this up, I ran a final rinse cycle through the carafe, and when I emptied it about 6 hours later I almost burned myself. The carafe had been preheated during the cleaning runs, but I was still amazed at how hot it was.

It is a bit noisy, and I could do without the beep at the end of the cycle.
Every thermal carafe I’ve had has too narrow an opening to scrub the inside by hand - just use a bottle brush.
The lid is easier to clean than others of this style that I’ve had.
Actually bought two last time, because this price is the same as a spare carafe. Won’t need the extra base, but the 2nd carafe will be put to good use with large holiday parties.

Just be sure to have the marker on the lid lined up with the carafe spout.

Just bought one and realized its too tall for the counter I wanted to put it on. Oh well! I do have a question… Does anyone know if it uses the #4 cone filters? I now have 3 boxes of the filters after my Capresso crapped out this weekend!

It does use the #4 cone filter. I LOVE this coffeemaker!! Yeah, it’s kind of noisy and I do hate the beeps it lets off when done brewing, but the coffee stays hot! Our coffee brews at about 4 am so that hubby can take a cup with him to work. I get my first cup at about 6 and then have an afternoon cup. It’s still warm then. Not McDonald’s HOT, but good enough for me!!
As far as not fitting the counter, ours DOES, but I keep it pulled out anyway because this maker seems to steam a lot and I don’t want to mess up any of my magical prefab “wood” cabinetry.
This is a good price and I’m thinking of purchasing one as a back-up.

I have one of these and think its great. As in the manual - you’ll need to run some vinegar through (1 cup vinegar and then fill carafe with cold water) every month or so. If you don’t, brew times get longer and coffee isn’t as hot.

After the clock stopped functioning on our Mr Coffee workhorse I proceeded to search for the perfect coffee pot on a limited budget.

After no success with two grind & brews that did not function correctly & had to be returned the “Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker” popped up here on Woot. Was it a Woot-Off?! Was it sellout.woot?!? I can’t remember!

What I do remember is that woot took quite some time to actually SHIP it. Once we finally got it my wife & I have come to believe it is the best coffee maker we have ever had.

This morning’s first & second cup scalded my lips. The pot was brewed about an hour before I got up. If I am lucky sometimes there is a cup left when I get home from work & I’ve found that cup to still be drinkably warm.

12 - 5 oz cup carafe as opposed to almost every other thermal carafe at 10 - 5 oz cups. Keeps it hot, brews fast, coffee tastes great even hours later.

Is it hard to clean? Not when I use a bottle brush. Does it beep loudly when it’s done? Yes, but some might see that as a feature. Is this the best coffee maker in the world? Likely no, seeing how much one can shell out to make their morning cup of joe… but for the price, this one can’t be beat!

Joe S.