Gourmet Nut Artisan Sea Salts & Grinders



Gourmet Nut Artisan Sea Salts & Grinders

$19.99 (Normally priced $33.99) 41% off list price
1 Northwest Alderwood Smoked Salt with grinder - 3.75oz
1 Sel Gris French Sea Salt with grinder - 3.75oz
1 Sonoma - Gourmet Sea Salt with grinder - 3.75oz
1 Himalayan Pink Sea Salt with grinder - 3.35oz

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$33.99 direct from their site for similar set (Alaae Hawaiian instead of Himalayan Pink)

Previous offer:
(same set as sold on website)

NOTE: This product is certified kosher.


The smoked sea salt is really tasty.


Gonna use some of this salt with that Pasta Caberneti from the wootoff.


Wow, I’d really like to get these. The grinders would be way easier than the little tubes of different salts I’ve got. A little too rich for my blood though, especially right after a woot off. Maybe they’ll show up in the next woot off…?


My mouth is salivating for the Pink Salt. This is a great buy! Just picked up 3 Screaming Monkeys, 2 Dino T-shirts and this incredible salt deal.


I just went back and read the old description. “Condition: Salty”???
Bwahahahahaha!!! You’ve got to put that in this write-up, too - it’s too funny!


That was part of the old woot page… the main page would have condition (new vs. refurbished), the wine page would have red vs. white, and on Thursdays, the condition would be something, well, silly.

Since they changed the site, the “condition” doesn’t appear on the site, so I didn’t copy it to the info post.


These salts sound cool but not sure… Is it really worth $20? Anyone ever have this kind of salt?


Remember, as good as it is, it has no iodine, which is pretty solid to have within yo’ body.

But DAMN are these tasty.




$25 with shipping… :frowning: Woot-off day ending is saddening.


Looking at the prior offer it appears that one had Hawaiian salt advertised but some got the Himalayan (the one offered this time) instead and were not happy about it. Did anyone try that salt (or the others) and have a review?


I like salt. salt is good.


I love the Himalayan pink sea salt. I bought the single type at HomeGoods for around $5 plus tax. I made a dark chocolate cake, homemade buttercream frosting (unsalted butter, and no salt in frosting), and grinded this finely and sparingly on the top… The cake looked adorable, and it tasted incredible (imho).


Good sea salt is my cocaine. Yes–incredibly good and well worth the $20 price tag. I’m tempted to buy the limit and justify the volume by seeking the most bang for my delivery buck. My wife is sleeping & doesn’t remember conversations the next morning. I could just tell her “you told me to get it” when she asks.

My daughters will only use sea salt after I got them addicted. Develop the palate while they’re young (15 & 13).


These are great salts! For best effect, do not grind the French sel gris. BTW, FWIW, do not use any of these for Margaritas!


A similar set goes for about $28 on QVC, so this looks like a solid deal.

If you’re really into salt, I mean.



Are these purely salt or are there any other ingredients? I have some severe food allergies, including something added to salt surprisingly often, so I want to make sure - but as my diet becomes more restricted, it would be great to add some new flavors!


Actually, Himalayan salt contains the same 84 minerals and trace elements found in the human body (including iodine) and is reputed to be quite good for you.

Table salt and, unfortunately, most commercially-available sea salt, is highly refined and processed and consists primarily of sodium chloride and additives to keep it from caking, with little to no beneficial mineral content. Himalayan salt does not contain toxins or impurities (and doesn’t need to be refined because of this), may have health benefits, and tastes quite good. I use it exclusively.

With that said, I typically buy my Himalayan salt by the pound or kilo, which usually runs me $7-9, so I won’t be jumping on this woot, but for those who wonder about Himalayan salt, it’s quite tasty and potentially healthy, believe it or not.