Noirmoutier Gourmet French Sea Salt 4-Pack with Bamboo Spoon

Noirmoutier Gourmet French Sea Salt 4-Pack with Bamboo Spoon
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 French Fleur de Sel Sea Salt 3.5 oz.
1 French Grey Sea Salt 4 oz.
1 French Garden Sea Salt 4 oz.
1 French Provencal Sea Salt 4 oz.
1 Bamboo Salt Spoon

Is the bamboo spoon especially better for feeding salt to monkeys than a metal one?

Ahhh the end of the wootoff has arrived. Thankfully as I have to return to work tommorrow and pay for all that I just gathered across the various woot servers.

I just need it to be known that my ex boyfriend and I used to get into ARGUMENTS about salt.

  • His POV is that salt is salt is SALT. It’s all NaCl, across the board, no ifs, ands, or buts.
  • My POV is that there are lots of different flavors/textures/chemical compositions to salt.

Every time I see something like this delightful Wine Woot offering of four DIFFERENT KINDS OF SALT, I am filled with LOL. Thank you, Wine Woot, for making my night.

here is someone talking about the wonders and uses of this type of salt.

I thought salt was boring and simple sodium chloride too until I learned all the other anti-caking agent and other things they put in commercial salt. Some friends just gave me some quality sea salt to try (from their friends at the Fat Duck) and it’s NOTHING LIKE the carp you get in the supermarket. Almost sweet-tasting, and none of the other horrible chemicals in ordinary salt that they don’t tell you about! And oh look, here comes the Mayo.

Do these salt crystals have a special shape? The ones I had were rather cool, like little sawn-off pyramids!

It must be asked: is this salt Kosher?

Yahoo answers on the topic of kosher salt. I wonder if Lot’s Wife would therefore count as Kosher too?

Did anyone else feel that the salt descriptions were a tad erotic? Probably the most sensual description of salt (or a kitchen staple for that matter) ever (e.g. moist, natural balance, grey-almost pink).

I just finish polishing my sterling silver salt spoons and come on here to find bamboo is where it’s at? I knew I should have gone green to begin with.

lol oh yes, we always washed the silver salt pots after Sunday lunch. I never worked out why we didn’t use another metal. Silver is for the best traditional eating experience, apparently! I suppose bamboo won’t go green :smiley:

You mean “salty language”? :wink:

That would have been a real simple argument to win. Coulda just blindfolded his ass, fed him some black lava salt, and then followed it up with some Murray River flake salt, and then just for good measure capped it off with some Hawaiian Sea Salt. Anyone who would think those 3 would taste the same is clearly a neanderthal with no taste buds.

Based on the lack of a hekture (kosher symbol for those not in the know), based on the pictures available, I would have to say; no, these aren’t kosher. Also I would have to say that my grammar is wrong.

Which of these Freedom Sea Salts would go best on my Freedom Fries? Why do the French not offer Bacon Sea Salt?

Did you even READ what you posted from the Mayo clinic? It essentially says salt is salt, and the table stuff is just more processed. I hope you never eat anything that involves flour, sugar, or just about anything else, because most of those contain an anti-caking agent too. No one wants clumpy salt.

Honestly, the american obsession with “natural” or “organic” is just plain silly. If this is flavored salt, market it as such. Unfortunately, now we have salt snobs.

Hate to break it to you, but SALT = SALT. Now, if you want to flavor the salt, yes there is obviously a difference. Flavoring salt just isn’t as impressive as the salt snobs make it out to be.

Fleur de sel is great for making artisan breads and adding to chocolate goodies… why only 3.5 ounces of Fleur de sel? (vs 4 ounces like the other salts) They’re skimping out on that last .5 ounces… I would have rather they skipped out on the bamboo spoon and gimme that missing .5 ounces of Fleur de sel.

A think a salt spoon made with natural bamboo is cooler than a metal spoon. Although, both would work fine…

All salt isn’t the same and this French Collection is a great example since the French Fleur de Sel and the French Grey sea salt are produced from the same water in a French Saltworks and those salts are very different. The Fleur de Sel(flower of the salt) is a fluffy white finishing salt and the grey is considered the most mineral rich ediable salt because it’s infused with the mineral rich and edable grey clay that lines the bottom of the salt bed. Both great salts, but very different…