Noirmoutier Gourmet French Sea Salt 4-Pack with Bamboo Spoon

Noirmoutier Gourmet French Sea Salt 4-Pack with Bamboo Spoon
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 French Fleur de Sel Sea Salt 3.5 oz.
1 French Grey Sea Salt 4 oz.
1 French Garden Sea Salt 4 oz.
1 French Provencal Sea Salt 4 oz.
1 Bamboo Salt Spoon

I will salt in your generale direction!

I should buy this to put on my wounds after missing out on the tempranillo steal two weeks ago.

$25 for 1 pound of salt just seems too extravagant.

Woot!! Why do you keep doing this?? The front page says four pack but the order page only lists 3 salts…

Which tempranillo?

I think I’ll take this opportunity to go grab a bottle of the Muscardini from the cellar and see if I made a good choice in re-stocking!

OoOoOoOo sea salt

Gosh, the two things I bought today are caramel and salt. I wonder if they’ll meet each other?

This Tempranillo:

Truchard Vineyards Tempranillo Mixed - 12 Pack
4 2003 Tempranillo.
4 2004 Tempranillo.
4 2005 Tempranillo OR 2006 Tempranillo

Such a steal

Mine comes tomorrow :slight_smile:

Yep…I was awake at midnight when it popped up for the weekend and thought well…I have time to think about it and see a labrat report. Oops wont do that again.

Braggart! I only wish I had not taken the day off and would have seen the Truchard just before it sold out! I am green with envy. Enjoy.

You forgot to point out the price… $77 shipped.

I see the Temp shipped, -finally-, was beginning to wonder since the notice was ~ week old.
Will it be the 2005, or the 2006…?

But what good is this salt?


Since I’m in the Seattle area, I tried to determine who was selling this since I might just go to the store myself. All I could find was this:

Lynnwood is a suburb just north of the City of Seattle.

Interesting that the pics on the website aren’t resolving (at least for me) and that they do list 4 French blends. I’d pick up a 4 pack just to try, but for 3 salts, it feels a little pricey for experimenting. I’ll have to swing by the address at this site the next time I’m at the H-Mart in Lynnwood just to see what is there. :smiley:

Haven’t had that one…will have to add that to the list of things to try if it ever reappears!

I bought this in a previous woot-off. It’s actually pretty high quality n totally worth it. Made a homemade margarita pizza from scratch n topped it off with the grey sea salt and just made the pizza. Still have plenty or else I would buy it again!

It’s a 4 pack with a spoon, not a 3 pack guys. The text near the I want one button is just cut off.

Thats them Im pretty sure

you can also search for Noirmoutier and the exact size and type come up as this offering.
Also the descriptions are taken directly from the pages on there.