Gps System Help

I’m getting my license and car next week and I can’t find my way out of a paper bag. I know I’m getting a GPS but I don’t know which to get as I am not extremely tech savvy. I was looking at the Garmin Nuvi 350 (American Edition)

I will probaly buy this from ebay as it is about $400 there. My price range is like $425 and below.

Anyone know of this one?

Any others to reccomend?

Make sure it talks. A new driver doesn’t need to be looking at the screen!
Wait for KT or Fen, they will help you.

If you are a new drive, you don’t need any distractions! Just tough it out, stick to routes you know, and learn to read a map.

Read a map, as I’m driving? Insanity!

Yes it does talk so that’s good.

I will await their replies.

Nah, plan your route out ahead of time. Best way to do it.

Kids don’t know how to read maps! It is scary.

btw Sportzfsu, you have been answered by three moms. That may be why we are pushing maps!

When daughter and I are going someplace new, we get the directions online and print them out.
Acedad and i have rented cars with talking GPS systems…they aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

One of my sons is directionally challenged. He’ll get the directions from Mapquest, then type them in very large print on a sheet of paper that can be glanced at when at a stop light. Also helps to look at a map and see where you’re going.

And I’m another mom.

Sounds like a consensus.

Kiddo, wait until you are more comfortable with driving. Don’t talk on your cell or even change the radio station unless you are at a stoplight.
Trust me.

Yeah I know about not talking on the cell phone and playing with the radio.
Mapquest gets you lost alot though and I am extremely directionally challenged (good words)

So in your opinion if I had to get one what would be a safe bet?

All these moms don’t understand. You’re going to buy a GPS, so we should concentrate
on helping you get one that is good for you. I think that if you’re going someplace
you’ve never been to before, that a GPS makes sense.

You can plan your route ahead of time, and if you have a talking GPS, you’ll be more
confident in knowing where you’re going. That way you won’t be nervous, you won’t
hesitate at intersections wondering if you’re in the right spot, and if it talks you’ll
know ahead of time what to expect as far as turns and such.

Moms can be such a buzz kill.

Finally a non mom!
You still need a map, just in case it isn’t right. Mapquest is often wrong. The gps gets confused when roads are very close together, which intersections often are. Especially in cities.

Nobody gave you a answer yet.
I’ll ask KT, she loves giving advice!

A map is good too. Being able to read it is better.

I PMed KT, maybe she will actually answer the question.

If you insist on buying one (BUZZ KILL??), there are plenty of reviews out there to read. Garmin is highly rated and I’ve read good things about the Nuvi.

My husband purchased for both our sons, Christmas 200, the Lowrance IWAY 500c.
The reason he went for the Lowrance is the quality of the build is excellent. The company is known for making professional marine and aircraft navigation equipment. The quality is great. You don’t have to load maps as you go. The whole country already is in there and updates are available to free when they do updates by downloading. Also gives you space for MP3 and has a five inch screen which is easy to read even in bright daylight. They were so happy with the two they have that hubby has put in an order for two of the new Lowrance 600C’s for our cars. if interested in looking into what the product offers

KT seems to have retired from the advice business. She said Fen will help you.

I don’t know squat about the GPS stuff. I went with the cheapest one we could find. It seems to work fine. I agree with the moms though, you are a new driver you need to focus on the road, those stop signs are a *****, not to mention the other drivers…

I know KT likes her Garmin, you can find her video on youtube.

I got to go to bed now, nite all. Well, In just a second i will.

Buy this one $259.99…or one a bit higher end

Look for coupon codes for free shipping.

Don’t know Nuvi’s…if you have the $$$s to spend, I’d say get what you want.

video 1

video 2

P.S. Don’t forget to get a 1GB SD card

I suggest this.