Grannys Giant Blueberry Plants

Will these survive the PA winters?

Goes up to zone 3

You should be fine.

how old are the plants? Will I get blueberries this year or will I have to wait several before fruit will appear?

what do I get for 19.99 or 29.99

choice dropdown is a 4-pack for 19.99
or 8-pack for 29.99

features tab says “two starter plants”

Spec tab says (1) plant…

Will these do well in zone 8b

I would like clarification on this as well. I would also like to know if the plants are bare root.
I bought hosta plants from this company via Woot last year and they were very healthy and grew well.

/agree, is it 4x2/8x2 or 4/8 total?

From the Specification tab:

“Shipped as a bare root plant these blueberry plants arrive ready to be planted.”

It says “Perfect for zones 3-8”.

A bare root blueberry that fits in a 4" pot won’t produce much if any fruit this year…or next. Do yourself a favor and go to a garden store (or even a big box) and get something in a 10"-12" pot. It will still take several years to get to full 4’-5’ size, but it’s got a much better head start. Patriot is a good variety. I don’t have any Bluejay, so I can’t say if they are any good. Also be prepared to do a little research about required cross-pollinators and soil acidity.

Are these some sort of dwarf blueberry plant? It says they grow in a 4" pot, but what I read about growing blueberries is they need to be planted in the ground and can grow up to 5ft high.

I think they are referring to the current size of the plant, not the recommended pot size for growing.

Hi there. We updated the sale to be clearer.

It is indeed just a choice of 4 for $19.99 or 8 for $29.99.

You say it is updated, but I just looked at it and it is still unclear.

Do you get 4 sets of two or four plants? The dropdown says one thing and the description says another.

Ok, take TWO!

Everything is updated yet again…

4-pack includes: two Patriot blueberry plants and two Bluejay blueberry bare root plants.

8-pack includes: four Patriot blueberry plants and four Bluejay blueberry bare root plants.

Our buyer asked the vendor for a bit more information to answer some of your questions…

*The blueberry plant is a bare root plant. More specifically these are bluejay blueberry plants and patriot blueberry plants.

As of this email we recommend planting them immediately in zones 7-9. If customers live in a colder climate we recommend putting them in a pot for the next week or so until your ground thaws.

The pot recommendation is just a precaution if its not warm enough to plant in your specific area.

Eventually the plant will have to be transferred outside and planted in your garden where it will grow to the discussed 5ft tall.*

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Perfect, TT! Thanks!

Edible plants shouldn’t be taxed. I’m not sure what you based taxes on the state you are in or the state you sell to.

Thank you for the refund of tax, Woot. You guys are awesome!!