Greenworks Cordless Lithium Ion Pole Saws/Pruners

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Greenworks Pole Saws - Your Choice
Price: $49.99 - 99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days (Monday, Dec 23 to Wednesday, Dec 25)
Condition: New


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Does these Li-Ion batteries go kaput if it just sits there for a year or two? I might prune branches one a year or two. Don’t want to decide one day to do some pruning and find out the unit is D0A.

Looks like a good price for the 24V…$99 and up elsewhere. Since I left my electric one at a rental house, for them to trim the trees (yeah, right!) and it Doesn’t Work now…I think this will be a nice little Christmas present for me!


Amazon’s got the 40v for $100 more. Any idea why it was discontinued by the manufacturer?

Note: this appears to be the new version for $170:

Does the 24V battery work with the greenworks weed eater and blower?
I have both of those and would like to have an extra battery and pruner for $100; sounds like a good deal.

How do you like the things you have?

So, does the battery require a separate charger, or does the pole saw contain its own charger?

One thing that stands out between the two is that the newer one has only a 2 amp hr battery where as the old one had a 4 amp hr battery.
Seems strange that they lowered the amp hr.

Did you even look at the pictures or description?

Comes with a separate battery charger.

Do both offers come with a separate battery charger?

I like them very well but the battery only last about 2 years. I’m needing a new batter (this will be my 3rd) and since they’re $80, this is a good deal if the batter will work on all 3 pieces.

Trivia info:

Anyone remember the infamous WoodZig. What a piece of junk, the chain (blade/saw) was basically paperclips put together with little spikes on them. If you got a chain to last over 30 minutes of use without breaking you were lucky. But 30 years ago this was it, no competition. The chains now regularly go for $60 on eBay.

Today’s deal looks great in comparison. Looks like a real saw on a stick.


Greenworks has updated their entire 40 watt lineup to new G-Max battery system. Batteries are available in 2 sizes: 2 ah & 4 ah. The 2 ah battery weighs about half as much as the 4 ah battery, making it much more appropriate for hand tools like this trimmer.

I own the G-max version of this trimmer as well as the mower, leaf blower, regular hedge trimmer & edger… and have both 4 ah and 2 ah batteries which are interchangable in all of the tools. Replaced corded mower and other tools… the system works great and an extra bonus - batteries come with led “remaining charge” indicator so no guesswork on charge status of battery.

OK, here’s what I was able to find via some internet sleuthing…

The G-Max battery is their new battery system. The non-G-Max batteries are NOT compatible with G-Max tools. In other words, if you buy this pole saw, don’t expect to be able to swap the battery pack with their newer line of G-Max products.

I was about to jump on this deal, but don’t want to be locked into obsolescence.

Good catch.

Really crappy that their old batteries don’t work with the new tools and vise versa.

Woot must think we’re pretty stupid.
I’ll just continue duct taping my McCulloch to my fruit pickin’ pole like my dad Lefty taught me.

My suspicions have been confirmed by the buyer- both of these will indeed come with a charger!