Haier HPND14XHT 14,000 BTU Portable AC

Does this mean it can be permanently installed as a window unit?

I’ve had this unit for years. Yes and no. The unit stands almost four feet tall and has two large hoses to go outside. You could cut large holes into your wall and mount the hoses to these holes. Maybe use dryer vents to help prevent animals from getting inside the house. That would be a more permanent fix. I found that opening the window, putting the hoses outside, closing the window on the hoses works just as well. The problem is it isn’t secure at night while sleeping. I use this for my den and only when I’m in there. Eventually I will get a split unit and get rid of this huge monstrosity in my den…

Purchased one of these units about a month back. The refurbishment and prepackaging leave a lot to be desired. If you are planning on using this in your sleeping environ, be aware that it is quite noisy.

Sadly, can’t post this early enough to warn people about a now-sold out item. Packing sucks. Vents to window are very fragile (I’ve already broken one of four mounting tabs on one vent.) Refurbishment? The dehumidifier on mine shuts off after only a few hours when NOTHING is in the collection reservior. (Wonder if that’s why it originally was returned?) Dehumidifier was a major part of why I bought this. If I cannot remedy this situation I will be forced to return it (something I don’t want to do given its considerable size and weight). I hope I can have a pickup at my house, sure don’t want to drag it to FedEx or UPS.