Helios x5000 HD Networked Media Player



Helios x5000 HD Networked Media Player

$279.99 + $5 shipping

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major price difference here… but i really want to hear from someone who has this first


These are cool. Baba Booey talks about these on the air every so often.


does this support SMB shares or only works with their server software?


so is it like a very functional dvd player with a radio and mp3 player?


I purchased it because my TV only has component HD inputs. It works great and interestingly provides more information about AVI files that other players with similar features. I’d recommend this player.


Ok. Besides upscaling all the way to 1080p, whats the difference between this and using an xbox 360 (as a media extender)?


Didn’t see it on Cnet (maybe I missed it) but here is a review.


This looks cool, but all of my HD content is in h.264; it looks like this doesn’t support that. Plus, my computer is hooked up to my tv, anyway.


xbox 360 only supports WMV and streams only from media center-- i.e. crippled.


So this gives me the ability to display whats on my laptop on my HD flat screen tv?


Extensive media playback flexibility
NTSC/PAL Compatible
Top-notch Audio Processing
Built-in Wireless and Wired Networking
DVD upscaling via both HDMI and Component Outputs
Slow start-up and disc loading time
Small front panel LCD display
Slow reaction time to remote commands
Cannot play copy-protected commercial WMV-HD Discs
No SACD or DVD-Audio Compatibility


Touche. Point taken. I did forget that that minor detail ha.

Next question. Would it be more beneficial to spend slightly more and build a low end home theatre pc?


Since h264 is an mpeg4 derivative (or something like that) does that mean it will or won’t be compatible?



Sorry, I’m a tech idiot.I kindly ask…what is this?


Online review walking through all the options (even opening the case… something that they suggest not doing yourself!)



Pretty good price, but it doesn’t support H.264.