HERSHEY'S Dark Chocolate Bars (Pack of 12)

That’s an awful pun and I approve.


Well, Order #4 came and went…with still only 3 bags of chocolate… not surprised at this point.

So… I thought maybe TT was right…its Amazon workers… they just cant be trusted. Or…maybe they cant count that high. So…I ordered 1 package next for order #5. It arrived today. Is anyone surprised that I received exactly one package of chocolate, in a box large enough to hold a small child. (no there was not a small child inside, I checked)

But the funny part, I dont know if the woot staffers are looking at my order history or what the deal is…but this time they said they were sending a replacement as well as a refund. Guess we will see if that pans out.

On a side note, @ThunderThighs : Are you guys hiring? Seems there is quite a work force already trained in providing disappointment in a box. Just need to poach some of them for the next woot off. :slight_smile:

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LOL. Funny.


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I don’t know why but it seems appropriate to put this here. I saw it on the front page right after rollover a night or two ago.

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