Historical Shirt Comments?!?


Staff, is there any way to restore the catalog shirt comments? There is so much good content in those, I’d hate to see them lost.



Also missing-- the # of total shirts sold (it used to be listed when u view comments on a shirt). :frowning:


And, here I thought nothing could be deleted off the internet! Way to break physics, woot!


And are all old derby threads gone? :frowning:


All old forum content should be coming over eventually. There will be one or two things that don’t come over due to privacy stuff but ALL Shirt “deal” content will be here in a few days and yes that includes catalog comments.


Hahahah no - they’ll be migrated over in a few days once y’all are used to this and people stop getting lost in the corridors. :slight_smile:



What about current derby comments? Are they not going to show underneath the individual entries anymore without going into the forum?


Not at this time. It’s on the table for discussion at a meeting later this week.


Do you want to see comments underneath Derby entries?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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Good poll.


Any update here? I love the new forum design, layout, and features, but I gotta have those comments underneath the designs. Way fewer clicks. As a web designer/developer it makes me sad because it increases the number of clicks to comment and view comments. Especially because at times, when you click “Discuss this Design,” it bumps you to the main Community landing page and you have to navigate to the design again.



I’ll check into it. It’s a motherlode of stuff! I believe we have sent our dumps (heh heh) over to the company who is helping us migrate and they are working on mapping them to the correct places.


Hi there. Last I heard, the comments should start the migration sometime today. I haven’t heard differently so far.

That bug on the landing page is being investigated. It’s a frustrating little bug to figure out and more so to fix.


What the! I meant to vote yes but I voted no, because my brain is melting?