Thread to discuss derby theme

There used to be a thread to discuss the derby theme as well as a thread to discuss specific derby entries. There was a lot more discussion about the derbies and artists would get input on their art before the derby launched. I thought this was a great resource and really built the derby community. It’s hard to use the thread intended for specific entries because there is so much activity that general comments are easily overlooked. I guess it was deleted when we started having the mini derbies, but I’d love to see it return if it’s not too much trouble!

On a not-so-related note, the weekly shirt promo email never arrived (to my knowledge) this week and that’s usually good to boost derby voting. Has that seen light of day for anyone else?

Email should be out today.

Coolio. Thanks MH! :slight_smile:

mabe at one time their was, but mabe after a while creating the thread was prolly moar tribble than it was worth.

derby #515 - 0 comments

derby #514 - 4 comments

derby #513 - 0 comments

derby #512 - 0 comments

derby #511 - 0 comments

derby #510 - 2 comments

derby #509 - 4 comments

derby #508 - 14 comments

derby #507 - 1 comment

derby #506 - 2 comments

derby #505 - 1 comment

derby #504 - 3 comments + 1 spam post

derby #503 - 7 comments

derby #502 - 14 comments

derby #501 - 5 comments

Guess not :frowning:
Edit: It went out, but is promoting the derby for this afternoon. I guess that’s ok. Oh, woot.

Ugh. Sorry. I was only relaying what I was told. #TimeTruck

There doesn’t seem to be many of us left. I post at least weekly, sometimes more. I liked the pre-derby thread, but you are right, it began to die a long long time ago.
If you need to post to artists for critiques you still can… But I have found responses to be spotty.

the popular artists still find ways to collab w/o posting publicly … mabe they’ve just moved over to another forum; a chat room somewhere, or facebook, perhaps. something for the “in” crowd.

True, I guess it was a more inviting way to critique and be critiqued. I find myself wanting to give my input on some designs, but not everyone is looking for that, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of criticism these days at all. The thread certainly did die out, but there are a few who would at least respond to the tumbleweed of a post.

I don’t know anything about forums and the work it takes to maintain them, so I wasn’t sure if having a thread required any real work/ $, or if it’s a simple click of a button.

Just raising more discussion about the theme and works in progress etc would be nice, especially with the week to work on designs now as opposed to one night.

i’d guess it’s the click of a button, but when the odds are that there are zero comments (like several of the pre-derby threads had before they stopped clicking that button) it’s still a finite bit of effort for zero return.