Lack of comment section

Anyone else noticing that the comment section is not present on MANY items listed on Woot? Is this by mistake or by design?

Mistake. Brought it up yesterday and a bunch dumped but it looks like it’s ongoing.


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Yeah, we’re still experiencing some residual problems from the big crash last week. I’ll ask them to look at it.

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I miss the comment section being shown under the shirts. Not a fan of the need to click thru.

Yes, I know but we may have to work with it. We did get bigger images on the shirt derby comment threads.

Yeah, it’s fine. Just a point down the road. the comments have seemed have tapered off since the layout change. I know that I used to peruse the old mega thread and comment on stuff based on the subjects of the conversations. I don’t really every go into a shirt’s comment section anymore, and I get far fewer comments on mine as well. I think, if you ever revisit the mega thread concept again, have the thumbnail in each post so for a link back to the shirt being discussed. Just my 2 cents.

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