Hitachi 12-Volt Impact Driver

Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Good Review over at Walmart


Woot is selling the whole kit for the cost of two batteries elsewhere. You’re getting the tool and charger for free! This is a great deal. I’m in.

In my opinion, this is about the best power tool buy I’ve ever seen at Woot. You are getting a brand new, close quarters, impact drill with TWO lithium-ion batteries, a quick charger and a case. Buying all this from a very elite Japanese manufacture does not happen too often at this price. Check the listed limitations to make sure it fits your needs.

I will certainly buy one for myself and pass this information on to my friends.

I’m in for 2. I could use a newer model and another for a gift. Thanks for the ratings and price information.

I’ve got the equivalent Hitachi drill DS10DFL, and it’s amazing. Plenty of torque in a very small drill, and the li-on batteries last for an absurdly long time.

BigSkyTools charges 10 bucks more for this same package in reconditioned format.

This tool produces much less torque (rated 265 in-lbs) than the very impressive (non right angle) Hitachi 12 v Li-ion impact driver (rated 840 in-lbs). In my experience, the 265 in-lbs spec is optimistic.

The specs description doesn’t match headline and pictures

I will continue to hope and wait for the 18 volt unit:

Not as small but “tons” more torque.

Are these batteries compatible with these tools?

Engineer here.

Torque is measured in inch-pounds, not “inches per pounds”.

Think of it as a one-inch long wrench with X pounds of force being applied to it.

Good question. I bought the other set and would consider this as well to complete. All I see is they’re both 1.5A and look the same…

…upon further inspection, both model pictures show the HXP batteries. So I’d say at least 95% probability they are compatible. In for one

12V are for old people and wives. No offense to either but I’d rather have an 18-20V and most companies aka DeWalt have Lithium Ion batteries now that are lighter, last longer and charge faster. This deal isn’t that amazing. Monday morning pessimism :slight_smile: You’re welcome!

The pictures here don’t match the pictures in the Amazon/Walmart reviews linked here. Which pictures are correct?

Ex boyfriend took my dewalt 18 vlt. Would this be a suitable replacement for things like hanging curtain rods, putting together Ikea furniture, or assembling garden beds comprised of 2 X 4s?

Thank you for your input! : )

The WH 10DCL is the unit pictured on the Woot page. The one pictured on the Amazon and Walmart pages (Amazon page shows both) is (I believe) the WH 10DL which I referred to above as the “non right angle” unit.

Come on people, it’s not that complicated and your customers are being ill served.

And by “people” I am referring to Amazon and Walmart, but also Woot who highlighted these misleading links.

Thanks rollick

I bought three of these! Originally I thought I would get one for my son in law for his birthday. Then I thought, hey this would be a great gift for my brother’s birthday too. Once I decided to buy my brother one I knew I had to have one as well due to tool envy. Good thing Woot! limits you to three.
I checked out Google shopping and found it for $105.00 at Wayfair but that did not include a battery, let alone two batteries. Grainger is getting $179 for the same two battery and charger deal as Woot!