Hitachi 14.4-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Driver

$110 on Amazon, 4.5-star reviews.

Here are some great reviews from Walmart, at $129.99

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the drill over at

Great reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) on this set over at

Two batteries makes this a very attractive deal! I could always use another drill, so I’m in for one.

Hitachi Li-Ion drills are pretty much awesome. I bought a set of 18v tools (drill and impact driver) two years ago and they have been nothing short of perfect. This is a great deal.

I have the same kit, except its the 12v version. It does a great job. I still have a corded drill for the big jobs, but this thing does the trick 98% of the time. I paid about the same for the 12v as this is going for. If you need a drill, scoop this up.

No experience with this particular set but I do have a Hitachi Li 3.6v screwdriver that I use and abuse daily for work… it has taken everything I have thrown at it and still survives… the batteries last a very long time and have not lost a bit of capacity in the year I have been beating on them… My old drill has batteries that won’t hold a charge if its life depended on it… I think I may be in for 1.

Just got mine last night!
I charged up the batteries and used it all day today for a project.
Screwing in a ton of cabinets in my garage… lots of drilling, screwing in, etc.

If you don’t have one, grab the $20ish ryobi quick connect kit. It comes with a quick connect bit that goes in your chuck and lots of bits, then all the quick connect bits from just about any brand fits in it. It makes in infinitely more useful. You can change bits with one hand too.

I think I’m going to remove the belt clip thingie off it, it kind of gets in the way. Also with a smaller battery type, it doesn’t stand as easily as the clunky old style batteries do…so you may need to lay it down on it’s side. It stood up fine most of the day, but one particular time i bumped the thing I was working on and it tipped and hit the floor, breaking a drill bit. The drill was fine though.

I’ll probably never use the flashlight, but the drill so far is awesome!