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Which of these would you recommend to someone who knows nothing about power tools?

For basic around the house stuff I would go with the Hitachi 3-piece bundle (drill, impact driver, and flashlight). They are nice size, not too heavy and 12V is enough for most around the house tasks. There are other tools for this 12V battery - including the right angle impact driver and mini-sawzall.

I just bought a refurbished version of this Hitachi set and like it a lot, though I have a 18V Milwaukee set to go to if I need more oomph. One issue with this drill is it would require 1/4" hex bits or an adapter for an adjustable chuck.

Regarding the other sets, Black and Decker is generally garbage, just stay away. Makita makes great tools, but this particular set is ancient and uses NiCad batteries - just not worth the price.

Woot’s going Peter Venkman on me with mind reading.

In my Amazon cart waiting for me to pull the trigger: Porter-Cable PCC510B Tradesman 32-Piece 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool


Anyone have experience with the pressure washer? Interested, but hestitate to pull trigger…

Alright, I am confused. Is the three piece Hitachi set 10.8v as the title claims, or is it 12v as the picture shows? I would probably get it if its 12v, but not so much if it the 10.8. Thanks

i have a similar black max power washer with the honda gcv160 motor. used it for two seasons so far and it has worked well. i also have a craftsman mower with that same engine and that has been getting abused for 3 years. both start on the first or second pull and use less fuel then other manufacturers. with the power washer just rememeber to hook up the water and turn it on, then hold the trigger down for a good 30-60seconds to get the air out before starting it.

No answer to my above question? Come on Woot, you can do better.

Sorry, we run slim staffing on the weekends. I just emailed the question off. Hopefully I’ll have an answer soon.

Edit: And the answer from the buyer that knows what more about tools and powered tools than I do. Sounds like it’s correct as a 10.8V set.

I have had a Hatachi 10.8 impact driver for over a year. Fairly powerful, and battery lasts a long time The right angle driver looks like a pretty good deal, but I’m in for the combo which comes with two tools And two batteries - a much better value.

I install window treatments for Lowe’s and a local interior decorator. I bought this Hitachi drill about 4 years ago, its still going strong and I love it. I has enough power to drive screws right in without pre-drilling. A lot lighter than a big honking 19v Craftsman or DeWalt. Battery’s last quite a long time and having 2 is a plus. I purchased another (drill and saws-all combo) a couple of years ago. I recently tried charging these batterys for the 1st time but they won’t charge, probably since they have been sitting un-charged for so long un-charged and I just ordered 2 new batterys. I’m in for the combo (drill and right angle) for $50 more than what I ordered 2 new batterys for I get the batterys and the drills.

I had a Makita cordless drill (Ni-Cad), for several years, but eventually the battery just would not take a charge. A replacement battery is as expensive as a new tool.

I was given a cheap Black and Decker cordless drill/driver, and was very impressed with the feature set. It had a quick release chuck that snapped on over a driver bit. It was really convenient to drill a pilot hole, quickly pop off the drill chuck and drive the screw, snap it back on and drill the next hole. It lasted under a year before the batteries would not hold a charge.

This time I ordered the Hitachi three piece combo set (drill, driver, and crappy flashlight) and the Hitachi right angle driver -hoping the Lithium-Ion batteries live up to their reputation.

The right angle driver arrived early this week, and feels sturdy (although you can see where it was opened, refurbished, and glued back together).

I hope that the other set (which includes the batteries and charger…) arrives someday so I can get to using them. So far it has not even shipped!

Crossing my fingers and waiting impatiently to get to using these!