Honeywell HEPAClean Tower Air Purifier

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Honeywell HEPAClean Tower Air Purifier
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Product Manual

Need some replacement filters? Check out Honeywell for all of your needs. and lets learn more about Honeywell

Anyone have one of these models that can give a quick review? Can’t seem to find anything online about how this model is.


Replacement filters a good deal on 'zom. (Better than purchasing from Honeywell}

I don’t know much about these but it seems replacing filters, as recommended, would be costly. Especially if you get more than one. More research in the morning.

I’ve had several honeywell filters in my life. They do work quite nicely, but the filter life in dusty environments leave something to be desired. However, I highly recommend them as a white noise generator (for my needs a dust shielded carbon filter attached to a 4" fan works much better for cleaning air of contaminants (smelly contaminants especially as it’s a hega filter then, not really a hepa filter… or at least not a very smell particle level of hepa filtrations) but is no where near as pretty and is quite a bit louder depending on the fan :wink:

So, if you have a small (suggested room size is < 170SQFT) area where you want fewer particles in the air, this will do the job and if turned up, will drown out outside noises allowing for the illusion of privacy for sleeping purposes (once you get used to the fan sound natch…)

“…but the filter life in dusty environments leave something to be desired.”

For the life of me, I don’t understand these comments. If the filter isn’t having to be replaced, ESPECIALLY in dusty environments, then it isn’t doing it’s job. Think about it. I would rather have a filter that gets so dirty I have to replace it every six months than one that lasts six years, because the latter is leaving all that crud in the air or on your tv, on your furniture, etc…

I own several of these in my house. I have 3 big ones and 2 of these smaller ones. I have to say they work great and I only have to replace the filters every 9 months or so. I have a cat and use to have 2 so that should tell you something. Also these come with a pre-filter that looks like a black sponge that you can clean every few months that helps the life of the filter. Lastly I get my replacement filters from Amazon for a good deal.

If I have a super dusty room (I swear it’s endless) would this be a good option, or am I really looking for something else/something heavy duty? If this is not along the lines of what I want, does anyone have recommendations?

I have a closet in my living room for my cat box and it can get pretty stinky when my furry companion drops a bomb. This is usually when I’m not home and I come home to a poop smelling apartment. Not great.

Any idea if this would work to phase out the smell of cat poop? Or would it be too dusty and I’d have to change the filter in a week?

I have two and LOVE them. They work great for dust, pollen, and odors. They can move a lot of air on the high setting and are almost silent on the low setting.

So even at a “good deal” 4 filters is nearly the cost of the fan unit that includes a filter.
Also, that does not include the pre-filter, which - according to the specs - is recommended for replacement 4 x per year.
Is this the Gillette razor blade business model? Give away the tool, make a killing on the replaceables. Pre-filter 2-pack is $8 at the 'zon.
HEPA + pre-filter yearly cost is about $25.

Tip: I’ve found that you can extend the life of the pre-filters by periodically cleaning the dirty side of the filter with a vacuum. (Which, ironically, also has a HEPA filter inside)

Does anyone know the approximate cost to run one of these?

So does anyone know if this model of filter is slated to be discontinued? Last Honeywell I bought from woot was that way. I was able to get 3rd party filters for it but they didn’t seem as nice. Even with the filter issue I have had good luck with the Purifier. My cat allergic friends have been able to visit and even spend the night without dying.

32 watts @ .12 cents kWh

per day: $0.09216
per month: $2.7648
Per Year:$33.6384

Don’t keep animals that poop in your home?

We have 3 of a similar model (appear to use the same filters): 2 small ones and one large. We have really enjoyed them. They make about as much noise as a similar size tower fan, but rather than just push the dirty air around, actually collect the dust etc :slight_smile:

You’ll be surprised how much dust gets collected by these things (it’s kind of gross actually, but I’d rather have it on my fan than in my kid’s lungs!). I’m in for two more!

The linked manual says this uses a “HEPA type” filter that gets particles 2 microns or larger. But the item description says it is a “True HEPA” filter that gets particles 0.3 microns or larger.

Bought one and just wanted to verify if it is indeed a true HEPA filter and not the lower quality “HEPA type”.