Hornet 5x42 Digital Night Vision Monocular

Great - now we have to wait for all the cyclopes to buy.

Oh wow…going for 3


I would think the default would be to buy two of these…

Espresso Done* Cheers! & Take a Cup!

Product: 1 Sellmark NE28011 Hornet 5x42 Digital Night Vision Monocular

Condition: New

$149.99 $5 shipping

Is this compatible with my monocle?

maybe the Peeping Toms will buy 2 :slight_smile:

This should be a 2 for 2uesday item.

I need three, one for each of my eyes.

I really just want a monocle.

Is Colonel Klink dead? Perhaps he’ll buy this out??

Does anyone know if these are any good? Who bought one the first time around that can share?

perfect for the zombie apocalypse! now i just have to wait for the kevlar body suit and helmet set to show up on woot. i’ll have free reign over town when the zombies take over!

Come On Now With This Stupid Shit!

3…one for each eye & one for my pervert friend

What generation is this? And I know it says latest generation for the manufacturer, but what generation in the grand scheme (the manufacturer could be stuck on gen 1 devices)…

And the “eyed” is still missing! :slight_smile:

There’s one review on Amazon, it does not paint a very good picture of this devices capabilities.