HP Pavilion Elite PC with Intel Core i5 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, & Blu-ray

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This will play games.

Not Sandy Bridge; anyone else disappointed?

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~ Oh and this i5 is sweet, but about $200 too high :frowning:

8gb ram. I’ll pass. Anything over 6 is wastefull and and with only a few weeks left in my life I don’t want to be wastefull.

As gamer who was in the hobby back when ATI was just coming out with the HD series and AGP still existed; how good is this in terms of being able to pimp out?

i.e. Is it good enough to game with out of the box and at a later date, be able to upgrade to game even better? (Will it be compatible with stuff for the next two years. ?)

If you buy it I hope you have better luck than I had. My HP hasn’t worked since day 1.
I am trying to get someone from HP to either give me my money back or come fix it. I will NEVER buy a HP Computer again.

This computer is amazing, and worth it, the crapware is low, norton is easy to remove, very fast, plays portal 2 really well

crysis and crysis 2 untested

This looks like a pretty sweet deal. Has the same specs as my ASUS down to the graphics card I put in myself (i5 650 3.2ghz, 8gb ram, hd5570 graphics card, TB HDD)but with the added bonus of built in wireless and a blu-ray for only ~$100 more. As for gaming I haven’t done to much but I can tell you this will run Crysis on all high (goes up to “very high”) settings. Where was this deal when I was shopping for a PC Woot? And with the 23’’ famous maker monitor, which I am also using, this looks like a nice moderately priced set up.

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This comes with a 64-bit operating system, wich can use the 8GB of memory, BUT, it’s an i5 processor so you really wont feel the speed that the 8Gigs could give you if it was an i7.

That’s for HP Pavilion Elite HPE-500z series, and NOT for the HP HPE-240F.

Here’s the correct one:

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-240f Desktop PC Product Web Site


Dealnews.com has this as a current low for this computer by $250ish. Bestbuy has a similar one, but refurb’d, Athlon X6, and no TV tuner for about the same after tax and shipping. I pulled the trigger on this instead.

Good deal, and the only HP I’ve ever owned broke when Diablo killed me; I punched it.

I can attest to their ridiculousness as far as making people pay for system restore discs. Cost me $20 way back when, even though they probably should have just been included. I’ll be putting a clean install of 7 Ultimate on this guy. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

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A 300 watt power supply is a little on the lite side, especially if you plan on any upgrades (video card). Buy this, get yourself a good 600 watt supply and have happy computing for years to come.