HP Photosmart 5.2MP Digital Camera w/Starter Kit



wow… never saw this one coming… so here’s useful linkage w/ comparison shopping info… the starter kit is clutch… and then i sleep.


musta got these at some close out store…

no thanks, g’night


Do a quick review for HP cameras. GREAT printers, But their cameras crap out quite quickly.


I hear HP digital cameras are bad. Anyone want to corroborate?


No discount at all…


Doesn’t seem to be a good item for resale, so no sellout.woot for me tonight.



2MP for $80? Or spend the extra thirty dollars and get a 7MP.


I got the HP Photosmart M525 several months ago and I love it. Paid $75 for it, and this one come with rechargeable batteries and recharger.


afaik they are just BAD… go for a camera company for a camera… I didnt even like the looks


simply stop working well the 10+ I have had. Nothing to do with taking care of them. They just start turing off when turned on.




owned a couple HP’s before… the shutter speed is slower than molasses in winter.
also… just look at how clunky this camera is
time for a nap


This is a nice camera for the price, in fact much nicer than mustek ones.

However there are a few caveats:

  • It’s writing routines are slow (no more than ~8 pictures in succession, then you’ll have to wait a “flush”)
  • No image stabilization (don’t shake the camera, better yet use a tripod)
  • Not perfect night mode (except if you use the special night flash and don’t shake the camera)

I have one, and I can recommend it.


wallyworld has it for saleat 70 dollars on friday


I have a hp m417 camera thats almost 2 years old. It came with a printer. The camera is ok but ok doesnt really cut it. I have a kodak easyshare 643c that takes way better pictures. As for the printer that came with my camera, it was inkjet and as a result you could see the “lines” left when the printhead goes back and forth.


I had a similar HP camera. The quality of the camera was pretty good, but the battery life was not. It was a good starter camera, and I just learned to carry batteries around so I didn’t get surprised. Looking around the net, the story about this version seems the same.


It’s not the MP but the lense that REALLY matter. I can’t say from experience but I’ve never heard good things about HP cameras.


pricing for future reference

condition: New
product(s): 1 HP Photosmart M417 5.2MP Digital Camera w/Starter Kit

$79.99 + $5 shipping


my son had the model previous to this and I can say that it is to be avoided. I have also the higher MP version and it aint much better… With Black Friday around the corner I can assure you that you can get a much better camera for the same or a little more. I understand that one of the big boxes is selling a 6MP Nikon for like 90 bucks. On the positive side HP tech support replaced my son’s with no hassle the first time it broke. Also, This is not a refurb!