Hunt Country Twin Vintage Ice Wine (2)

Hunt Country Vidal Blanc Ice Wine Twin Vintage 2-Pack
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2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Estate Bottled, 375ml
2013 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Estate Bottled, 375ml
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If you like Ice Wine, this is some primo juice. Much cheaper than the stuff just across the border and every bit as rich and sumptuous.

Apricot, honey, peach and ripe melons on the palate. Thick and sweet but not cloying at all. The best way to drink this (or any ice wine) is to take small sips and let it coat your tongue before swallowing.

Great on its own but also excellent with cheese or chocolate, or you can even pour a little over vanilla ice cream to give it an extra kick.

The reason the two vintages offered are 6 years apart is because they didn’t make any during 2008-2012 due to unfavorable weather conditions.

I’m a big fan of Hunt Country wines thanks to being introduced to them via wine.woot and when we visited the Finger Lakes a few years ago, I basically planned the trip around our visit to their winery.

Hi Wooters, I’m Jim from Hunt Country Vineyards. We’re excited to offer this rare opportunity to enjoy two beautiful genuine ice wines at different stages of their natural aging process.

Making genuine ice wine is a crazy labor of love, involving picking, grinding and pressing ridiculously small quantities of frozen grapes. Translation: Being cold A LOT! We grow Vidal Blanc grapes just for ice wine. But more often than not, with warmer fall weather recently, the grapes don’t always stay healthy until we get the magical 10-15 deg. F temperature (hopefully by early December) that we need to harvest and press.

In this Woot, we’re offering a bottle of each of our 2 latest vintages: 2007 and 2013!

I would be glad to answer any questions or comments you might have!

I am sorely tempted. I think the weather in FL is still too hot to really permit safe shipping, but this is really good stuff…

For those of you going for this - be sure to make the maple bread pudding (recipe is on their web site) to pair it with. Truly worth the (modest) effort!

This is the best ice wine I have ever had! It is wonderful! 10/10 would recommend!

also, try over ice cream!!

Thanks for the kind words, chipgreen, so glad you like our ice wine! In fact our last 5 vintages were: 2002, 2005 (in spite of having a very hot dry summer), 2006, 2007 and 2013!

I’m in. Going to check out that recipe. Thank you sir.


Recipe link below:

Oooo! That Maple Bread Pudding by Chef Larry Hayden of the Union Square Cafe in Manhattan was served with our ice wine at a United Nations dinner, and our owners Art and Joyce were invited (ENVY!).

HERE is a direct link to their very extensive recipes page. The maple bread pudding is near the bottom.

No shipping to NV? What the deuce?! We’re never on the naughty list! :frowning:

Oooh, I had the 2007!!! It was fantastic. I wish it was easier to get wine shipped- having someone sign for it, I mean.

We started the process for our NV license in mid-August. All our documents have been submitted and are still waiting! So sorry about that.

Yes! NH is back on the love list. This is one of my favorites from Hunt Country.

NJ Shipping ?? This must be a mistake. Now I dont have to cross the border to pick up my wine.

I noticed on the spec sheet that the 2007 was bottled in 06/2010, while the 2013 was bottled in 10/2014. Why the differences in wait time before bottling? If the 2007 is in its prime now, how long should we hold, if at all, the 2013?

Yes, it’s a nice “mistake”! We are one of very few Finger Lakes wineries to obtain a Direct Wine Shipping license for NJ. It only took 4 months! At the winery, we receive a lot of guests from NJ, so we’re happy to be able to ship to them and stay in touch.

Great questions!

We had an unusually large 2006 vintage. In late 2008, our winemaking team decided to maintain the 2007 vintage at very cool temperature in a stainless steel tank rather than bottle it and store it until the 2006 was depleted.

I would recommend drinking the 2007 vintage in the next year, but that might be a personal preference. Genuine ice wines can age a very long time. Through the micropores in the cork, the wine oxidizes very slowly, darkening the color, and bringing out the raisin and honey notes. The 2013 vintage can probably age in bottle nicely past 2020. If you prefer “brighter” flavors, you might want to drink it sooner than later; if you like “darker” flavors, later rather than sooner! You might consider getting some family or friends together and trying the 2 vintages side-by-side!

attention Nevada wooters!

Nevada is now a go for this offering.


Unbelievable timing … An hour ago, we received our Direct Wine Shipping license from the State of Nevada. Thanks, David and Woot HQ, for turning on NV so quickly!