Hunt Country Vineyards Estate Bottled Finger Lakes - 3 Pack

Hmm…I think these were pretty well received last time they were up??

Hunt Country Vineyards Estate Bottled Finger Lakes - 3 Pack
$44.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2007 Late Harvest Vignoles - 375ml
1 2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine - 375ml
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I’ve seen them twice before and bought both times, but hadn’t yet tasted the ice wine. I’ve done so since and it’s too syrupy for me but the wife liked it. The late harvest is the best sweet wine I’ve ever tried.

On the vineyards site, the ice wine alone is $39.99. The Vignoles are $17.99(On sale there from $19.99).

I went in last time. From the discussion then, I sort of thought of it as $50 for a good ice wine w/two freebies to try. I haven’t tried the ice wine yet, but I was shocked by how much I liked the Vignoles. (I’m not a big sweet wine drinker.) It was sweet, but there was so much more more going on I didn’t really notice the sweetness as I was sipping it. (30 minutes after I wanted to brush my teeth.) I noted some tartness & floral overtones and thought it was well balanced.

Woohoo, ships to Maryland! - In for one.

Oh hey, and it looks like folks even think it’ll be pretty good!

Loved it last time and just bought more!

This will be my third time with these, I was hoping they would come back and I wouldn’t be working at the time.
For me, sweet but not too sugary or syrupy, the ice wine sort of reminds me of how cotton candy tastes and smells.

I picked this up on a previous Woot!. I had the same mentality as SJCwineaux. One good ice wine and a couple of party favors. While I had a few delivery hangups, the staff at Hunt Country was more than accommodating and I am pleased to report that the wines were top-notch.

As a big fan of Sauternes and late-harvest wines, I must say that both the late-harvest and the ice wine had an excellent balance of acidity with a lot of floral and tropical nuances and enough complexity and depth to keep you interested in the next glass.

Very good deal IMO, and a highly recommended buy if you are a dessert wine fan, especially considering the rarity of these types of offerings on wine.woot!.

My wife and I know we like the typical Ice Wines and we bought this previously because it is a good price. Little did we know how much we would enjoy the Late Harvest. In for two more!

My GF is the sweet wine drinker and she LOVES these.

I found them enjoyable and drinkable because they have a nice acid balance to set off the cloying sweetness. The ice is significantly sweeter than the late-harvest.

I got the set the last time it was on and loved it so much I just bought 2 more. But fair warning - it’s definitely not for someone who doesn’t like sweet whites or Tokaji. These are great dessert wines. LOVED it all!

I’m in for one. My family loves ice wine. I’ve never tried the other one though. So hopefully everything will be tasty.

I was supposed to be in the Finger Lakes right now. I told 'em I was on a hike and snuck away to buy this wine. I gotta get back get back pretty soon or they’ll worry. People disappear in the Finger Lakes…

Went to the Finger Lakes for my one year anniversary with the wifey as a result of ordering these wines. Vignoles is very good, but the ice wine is unbelievable. It is an ice wine, so of course it is going to be sweet and very slightly syrupy, but the flavors…oh my! I have never tasted something that unfolded, rolled around, and tickled my palate as much as the ice wine! great way to impress the guests after dinner. …also, try a little drizzle of either over a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream…DIVINE!

I have been waiting all day for this! In for 1!!!

I recently did some exploring in the Finger Lakes wine trails and came back to Virginia with a dozen bottles of wine, looks like I just added 3 more bottles…if you ever have the chance I definitely recommend checking out the Finger Lakes wine trails amazing wines and views… I do it every year when visiting Syracuse its my favorite day trip!

Would have loved to bought 2 of these, but kept getting 503 errors trying to login STILL until just now. :frowning:

I’m Jim, the marketing guy at Hunt Country Vineyards. Thanks so much to everyone for your orders… very much appreciated! It’s great to hear so many positive comments about our wines, and dessert wines in general. My Dad was French. I remember him in ecstasy over a Sauternes and telling me that the key is the balance of a wine, and how well it and the food complement one another. He said that amazing wines are possible in all kinds of styles. I think the wines in this Woot capture that same idea…here’s to you, Dad!

I’ll reply to any questions in the discussion forum. As always, we will be shipping all Woots directly from our winery by FedEx Ground within 48 hours of receipt of your shipping information from the good folks at Woot. We hope you enjoy the wines! Again, thanks! Jim Alsina, Hunt Country Vineyards