Hunt Country Vidal Blanc Ice Wine (2)

Hunt Country Vidal Blanc Ice Wine 2-Pack
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2013 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Estate Bottled 375ml
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Hey wOOt! WAKE UP! Hunt County wines CAN be shipped to NJ! Go to their website, front page! Jersey is OK for this wine and year! What gives?

Woot and Hunt Country Vineyards…I love ya’ll so much <3

Not only did I order my 3rd Mixed Pack from Hunt Country in December, but I also ordered directly from them their vintage 2007/2013 Ice Wine set with Dessert Glasses (which I was able to have shipped to Indiana, rather than to my sister in Texas \o/) and received those today, and now ya’ll bring me MORE ICE WINE <3 Definitely buying more. :slight_smile:

If anyone is a sweet wine lover and a lover of ice wines, you have got to try this ice wine. Highly recommended.

I’ve only tried ice wine once before, and it was amazing. Given that one was $50 for one bottle…had to give this a try at this price. Especially with the bona fides listed. When I open it, I will raise a tiny, 2 oz, toast to WW for opening sales to Minnesota again.

Why no shipping to Virginia! The Hunt Country site says they ship to Virginia, and I’ve even bought previous offers from Woot! :scream::grimacing::disappointed_relieved:

Good morning, Wooters, and Happy New Year! This is Jim from Hunt Country Vineyards. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our Vidal Blanc Ice Wine. Do you remember that Polar Vortex last winter? It was miserable – 31 mornings below zero degrees F – but it was just the break our Vidal Blanc grapes needed. (We couldn’t produce ice wine for the previous 5 years due to the weather being too warm far into the winter.) In December 2013, under the Polar Vortex, two mornings, 12/12 and 12/18, dawned at about 10 degrees F, perfect for ice wine. After coffee and doughnuts in the pre-dawn light, harvest went relatively quickly (even with gloved hands it’s soooo cold). The grapes are then rushed back to the winery for the ridiculously cold (due to standing in one place) and laborious process of crushing and pressing. Making genuine ice wine is absolutely crazy (a perfect match to our personalities).

Yes! The process took 4 months, but we finally received our new Direct Wine Shipping license from the State of New Jersey on December 1st!

That’s awesome, thanks for ordering! I’m so glad you enjoyed our ice wine!

I hope you enjoy it! (We’re really high on this new 2013 vintage, a particularly beautifully balanced ice wine.) That 2 oz. “tiny” toast is the perfect pour of ice wine, to cap off a great meal, or just to let the tension of the day drift away!

Big Fan of this wine. if you haven’t tried a true ice wine. you will be in for a treat.

Welcome back Hunt Country !

Thanks! I’ll pass along those nice words to our vineyard manager Dave Mortensen and winemakers Jonathan Hunt and Brian Barry. It means a lot to them!

Jersey should be added. Sorry bout that!

If I recall a real ice wine is made from grapes that freeze on the vine? Vs grapes that are picked and then frozen afterwards?


I’ve been in touch with the Woot staff and they’re trying to resolve this … Thanks for letting us know.

That’s correct! We leave our Vidal Blanc grapes on the vine, hoping for a prolonged period of 10-15 degrees. (This is usually happens first in December in our region.) At that temperature, the water inside the grape freezes, but the rest (the good stuff!) doesn’t. We pick the frozen grapes by hand, then press them outdoors, still frozen. The “good stuff” seeps out of the press, and we have to ferment it with special yeast for months to produce our ice wine. When pressing, the frozen water stays in the press, along with skins and seeds. This icy residue has to be chiseled out of the press after every load. It is saved, composted and used again as fertilizer!

Very cool to see this. I used to work at this vineyard back in the 1980s. Great wine and the best college part time job evar. In for a set.

ETA: Nope. No ship to Arizona. Bummer. :frowning:

Still can not buy and ship to VA… Bummer! Hunt Country wines are amazing products!

Great job, Woot staff! New Jersey has been corrected and is now live for orders!!