Ideas for a future derby

Myself personally I would like to see less of the cute shirts and head more toward demented style shirts. Also some text would help. When was the last time we had text in a derby?

Truly, I doubt that you can come up with a topic that won’t result in something gag-inducingly cute.

Getting more people to support the artistic designs might help, but even then…it’s a hard sell here. Voters like cute.

ban all facial features. particularly eyes (pupils, irises, eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows). even with chibi proportions, a faceless head ought to be at least a little creepy.

Nope. All you have to do is make the round little soft guys facing away. Chibi butts will get votes.

rejected for rear nudity!

Take bets?

sure! i’ll bet adder’s left nut.

I see your left nut and raise you censored for gratuitous amounts of nudity, violence to penguins and Bob Saget

Does that mean you sort your nuts?

Almonds to left, walnuts to the right, macadamias down the middle?

Here I am stuck in the middle with you.


Two girls, one …(fill in the blank)


Look who is back.

New baby coming???

nope, just lurking. you know the woot off brings out all the crazies.

OK, so now you have to post at least once in every woot off, so we know you are still all right.

yes ma’am!

V8r!!! Where the *%^@% have you been?!?

the idea of self