iGo Charger w/ 12 AA & 4 AAA Batteries



Almost 50 comments last time this was for sale!


Same price on the previous offering


I don’t care about the batteries that are included, but having ordered this charger (and battery set) last time - I am quite fond of the charger so far. And it’s been doing a nice job on my NiMH batteries - much better a job than my old in-pairs-only charger.


So far, I’m enjoying this charger and the batteries. The charger gives you a per-battery charge status.

HOWEVER, if you buy this, do realize that these batteries are “rechargeable alkaline” and not nimh batteries! But the charger charges them AND nimh batteries just fine.


Bought two sets last woot, and I have to say these batteries are working great with all my remotes and players. NIMH batts kept losing charge in all of my helicopter/quadcopter 6ch radios very quickly. I’ve used these every day for about 2 hours a day in them and the LCD still shows 6.3v! My new NIMH’s would have flashed a low voltage alert at 4v way before then.

I also find that this charger works MUCH better at giving my NIMH batteries an actual full charge, whereas my exsisting expensive charger stops charging them prematurely.

Great products here and highly recommend the batteries for low discharge devices, as well as the charger for your NIMH’s. I would NOT recommend these for high discharge devices such as digital cameras, as these were not designed for them. Also, do not plan on purchasing these for use in solar rechargeable devices (outdoor solar lights etc) as these batteries MUST be charged using this charger (Alkaline compatible charger) and those solar rechargeable products are designed to be used with NIMH.

So as long as you understand their recommended uses, you will be very happy with them. Will also make a good present for your techie geek!



Thanks for the detailed basic education. I have several solar lights on a boat dock & the batteries need to be replaced & your info prevented a mistake.


Wouldn’t you just be better off swapping out the solar batteries that are cheap and come with the lights with something else that can work in your charger?


Just be aware that, each time they are charged, they PERMANENTLY lose a fair percentage of their capacity (5%??) which mounts up until they are useless.

This stuff was marketed more then ten years ago by the “big brands” and failed in the market.


I would never buy rechargable batteries where the seller lists the dimensions(!) of a standard AA battery in the specs but not the mAHour rating just to satisfy some green guilt that I am supposed to have. Maybe that rating is in there but I don’t see it. I’ve got to admit that it would be more fun slingshotting those batteries into the woods when they were dead if they did have that recycle green symbol on them though.


I was interested in the charger itself but it doesn’t sound like it would be as good as the previously mentioned “smart” chargers?

I believe the two most recommended were the Maha and the LaCrosse. I was hoping that one of those would go on sale on Amazon or Woot or somewhere. I have a bunch or recyclable batteries I had previously purchased on Woot.


Yeah, the DIMENSIONS of the batteries and even in Metric like AA and AAA don’t define them. SO, then What Is the CAPACITY? A miserable 400 mAh or something greak like 2800 mAh? NO MORE secrets, plz.


How are these batteries for running a external camera flash?


Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad! Did I menttion BAD??? I like the included charger, although the cover is flimsy and comes off easily. BUT, the batteries are HORRIBLE. I initially thought “Wow, what a savings” Then I put them in my wireless headphones (after charging them overnight). Not only did they barely light the led indicator, they couldnt even supply enough juice to play audio. At first I thought the AAAs weren’t charged properly so I swapped the set out. Same thing happened. Next I tried to let my Sennheiser cradle charge them overnight. STILL NO-GO. Not only that, but after a night of charging in the cradle, my cradle and headphones (where the batteries are located) were covered in a WHITE… something (corrosion?). Just to make sure my headphones werent the issue, I put in a pair of normal AAA alkalines (energizer), and the headphones worked fine! Im afraid to put these batteries in anything else for fear that they’ll ruin it. A waste of my money.


I’ve received this before. AA is 2000 mA @ 1.5v and AAA is 800 mA @ 1.5v.
Not top of the line, but equivalent of 2500 mA @ 1.2v.


I’ve said it before, but please note: DO NOT CHARGE IGO BATTERIES IN NON-IGO CHARGERS. It will ruin the batteries. I don’t know why.

These batteries have worked really well for me as long as I only charge them in the included charger. I tried charging a pair with another charger, and they barely charged, and then wouldn’t ever regain their charge from any charger.

But otherwise they’re awesome.


I have bought a bunch of these from Woot but did not need to make much use of them right away (just thought the deals were good). Then came hurricane Sandy, and we lost power for a week. I found these batteries unreliable. Some worked well and powered LED lamps just as well as some disposables I had; others lost their charges too quickly; others seemed to have no juice at all. The charger seemed to charge the good-working batteries fine, but not the others (so I think it was a battery problem and not a charger problem, as other comments on here seem to echo). I also got leakage from a couple. Since I have the chargers now, I will not be buying this deal again. Let’s see some NiMH batteries on here!


You can regularly find deals on eneloops at amazon and Costco similar to or better than this. I can’t see the value. Maybe someone can educate me. I love my eneloops. Especially in my camera flashes where they half the recycle time.

Can anyone correct or educate me as to why this is a better deal or worth getting compared to the eneloops.?



Not really, since the voltage of NiMH batteries stays constant while the voltage of alkaline batteries starts dropping as soon as you start using them.


Just say NO to these batteries.

They come up on woot all the time and they’re no good. I have about a dozen of these and they do not produce much power nor do they hold a charge for very long.

Even fully charged about half the things I put them in treat them like they’re dead, and the half that can get power from them usually only lasts a few days then the batteries have to be recharged.

I even bought a fancy charger for them, no luck. These batteries just suck, that’s all.