Image Error Message?

@wajeremy @ThunderThighs Each time I’ve put an image via a web address in my post, I end up later getting an error message about the image being downloaded locally. It shows me my post with various html options to check and two copies of the image. Once I click “edit”, then “save edits”, the message goes away.

How do we eliminate this, or am I doing something wrong in my posts, please?

@cwolfpack Sorry about that.

Could you give me a step by step way to reproduce that including the link you’re putting in your post.

Remember that it needs to be an image URL ending in .jpg, .png, etc.

I’ve gone back and looked at some and seen a message about exceeding a certain size and the image is no longer there. Sorry, don’t remember where…probably in the Temp Green

Well, I kinda need more info. Make sure your not grabbing images direct from google images as that search page is basically a thumbnail and doesn’t link to the image.

If you click on an image so it expands, you can probably drag it over or copy it.

There is a size limit in Mbytes, not inches/pixels. I can look into that with some examples.

Private message me next time you get a link that doesn’t work. You can paste the link using the </> button. That pastes a link without converting it to an image or whatever it might be.

I believe he is referring to the 4MB limit.


I mean, you can click it, so whatever. IMO, it helps not having a forum load forever, like some pages on the old forums with a lot of huge gifs.

Yep. MB limit.

IS THIS WHAT YOU MEAN @cwolfpack3 @ThunderThighs @wajeremy ?
cklun]( Moderator


whenever I post a gif, I get this message in my history…not this cat every time TRJ and Moles and all you other wiseacres out there…whatever gif was posted ???

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cklun, that is what I think she means, and what I find super annoying. why are we getting this notification??

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That is EXCATLY what I’m seeing, and it’s not just for .gif files. It happens with other formats, too.


One thing that @wajeremy showed me when posting a Giphy pic is:
Cut out the word ‘media’ from the line and replace it with the letter i.
It’s worked great for me so far.

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I dunno. I didn’t post anything from Giphy. These were pictures that I right-clicked to open the image alone in their very own tab, then copied the address to use in the forums like I always did with BBCode tags in the old forums. None of them were thumbnails from Google Image Search or anything like that. They were the full sized file from the originating site.

I saw that but was too lazy to try it. giphy pics have been working for me without the edit.

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With that… It’s like woot is finding a duplicate picture to replace the one originally posted. Or maybe they are copying the pic & moving it to a local source (their mainframe computers)?

I dunno…

whatever it is, why are we getting a notification for it?

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Because they think we care?
Computer people think we want to be highly involved in the process…
Actually, 99.99% of us don’t care.


It’s the software we’re using. It’s too clever for itself and wants to locally “cache” any images so that even if they are taken away one day by the source, the forum still has a copy. I guess it’s clever? But I bet if it starts filling up our servers we will probably turn it off if it’s possible to. Not sure if we can kill the notification in the meantime.


Just did it again. Sent me a message. I clicked “edit”, then saved it without actually changing anything and the message went away.

Testing again


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