Impressionist Hand Painted Reproductions

Very nice. I recently wrote a series of articles on artists for a client, and all of these artists were among them. Plus Freda Kahlo.

The one I like is sold out. Will you get more or is there a site I can order from?

I have purchased two of these hand painted reproductions in previous sales. The first one was great, I couldn’t have been happier. The second go around was, different. It looked nothing like the painting it was meant to be a reproduction of, just terrible. So be warned, there is a massive amount of variability.

Which item were you wanting? I’ll check my inventory to see if we have more available.
Thank you,
Dawn Kail
Commercial Sales Manager

Thank you! I’d love to read your article. Is it available to the public?

Dawn Kail

I’d love these a lot more if the frames weren’t so gaudy. sigh

I really wanted to buy “Monet - Poppy Field in Argenteuil” that you had on here but I just missed the sale… would you honor that price now by chance?