Modern Art Hand Painted Reproductions

Is this compatible with Windows 8.1 yet?

I am a HUGE fan of Rothko! Actually, pretty much love all of the artists here…

Has anyone actually seen any of these hand painted repros in person? How do they really look? I can find some of them on Amazon but none have reviews…

Hello, has a ton of reviews all over!

You could look at individual art pieces on our own website: or go to our testimonials area:

In addition, look at the video explaining the painting process:
[youtube=ydFepVj9z6o ][/youtube]

Thank you and have fun decorating! team member

I have 2. A Monet, and a Hopper reproduction. The Monet is incredible, and the Hopper is less “incredible”, but good. It’s still done by humans, so you will get inconsistent results. But, I like my 2 paintings. The Hopper will be a gift for my brother, at Christmas. And I think he’ll like it.

I’m just disappointed these are made in China.

I want China to do well, but come on, let’s make some things.

There are no artists in the west who could be hired?

Slave wages are a small step from slave labor.

I don’t get it.

Is the listed dimension the print size or the fully framed size?