Invicta Chronograph Men's Swiss Quartz Steel Watch



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is the C silent?


Not a bad woot.
$119 at’s_Swiss_Quartz_Steel_Watch-prod-22907232-30875703?sourceid=298


Looks like a decent watch, swiss watches are of the utmost quality


A Convicts watch? Oh. Invicta.
Sleep. Must Sleep.


pretty good price… $119.99 on Overstock


jeez woot, i don’t wait up all night for multiple wrist watches in a woot off. unless it it comes with gps or a lazer in it. c’mon


$76 on ebay


Invicta makes a nice one I have one I like.

WTF I tried to but the encloseure and clicked I want one, My screen changed to the last HD woot then click I want one again and said they were sold out.


Quartz movement…
give me another Invicta like the last one I got here and it is a done deal.


noob question: when do woot offs end?? i thought 12am central time??


nice watch. Got me an Invicta, this would make sweet father’s day gift.


How many times do I have to tell you Woot, digital! A digital watch! We are geeks here. We can"t be spending time trying to figure out that analogue thing. Digital is the wave of the future. Get on board Woot!


50 meter water resistance is crap


Invictas are not bad watches for the money. But, oy, that’s an ugly watch.

#17 - 119.99
eBay - 139.00

Not bad WOOT !!!


Everybody, just Don’t Start with the IIII questions.

IIII has been correct for hundreds of years to represent the number 4 on clocks and watches. It is considered a better aesthetic balance to VIII than IV would be.


I bought the invicta diver watch off a couple months ago. Trust me, I really do get a lot of comments about it. I just ker-schnagged me one of these new ones, too!


Last time this one was up…(or last watch) whatever, it went pretty quickly. I don’t suspect that this will be up long…