iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum

IT’S RELEVANT! :smiley:

I got a roomba off of woot about 3 years ago. It still works, off the original battery even. It’s great to set loose before work, come back to a full dust compartment making you feel better about putting off vacuuming for another few days.

I almost dont believe the battery thing. I have 2 roombas and a neato, both of my roombas battery died not even a year in and they were brand new and not refurbished. I have went through 3 batteries for the roombas and I used the roombas every day like they are designed for. Both still run but needed new batteries again. I gave them up to my brother though after I got the neato. I just like it better for my home with pets.

I bought a 555 from woot a few weeks ago. It works great with my hardwood floors and rugs. I’m always surprised at how much dirt it picks up when I empty its bin.

This looks like a good deal, the only negative I can see is that it doesn’t have a scheduling feature. You actually have to press a button every day to make it run, which is a lot of work.

When it hits its run limit for your battery, take it out and put it back in, battery life timer is reset. Mine still runs for about 20 minutes at a time off my 3 year old battery.

It makes as a wonderful enrichment device for small pets. I only wish my cat would take advantage of the free ride it offers.
Hardwood floors, one dog, one cat, a 5 year old… Mr. Roomba (refurbished) is still eating hair & dirt a year later (and the occasional Squinkie or Polly Pocket shoe).


one of the previous woots:

My previous post: yes, again $159.99

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THANKS FOR THE BATTERY PROLONGING TIPS. MAY BE THAT WOULD WORK. ANOTHER TIP I HAVE TO PROLONG ITS LIFE. if given a room and you know it takes 1 hour to clean this. how roomba’s computer works is. in the first 15 min it does 50 % next 15. 80% next 15 90% and last 15 95%.
get it. diminishing ROI… so what I do is, i run it for only 20-25 min. and it does clear out most dirt. All i am saying is, if u use it for shorter periods while doing other work in the closed rooms u can prolong its life. and as per instructions always keep it on its charging base. I paid 140 for this 3 yrs back. the price has been increased.

Wow. I was refunded for my last Roomba 530 last night (SquareTrade warranty). Perfect timing!
I absolutely love this roomba, and missed it dearly after it started having brush errors. I think something in the assembly came loose, and would’ve cost $40-$50 to replace, but my warranty was only $30, so I was too lazy to switch it out.

Advice for new buyers: Buy SquareTrade. The battery replacement alone within 2 years will be worth it.

Good point! Deal breaker for me!!! I’m sticking with my ‘regular’ vacuum that operates by having to bend over/up/down (or however you ambulate) vice the Roomba where you have to bend over/up/down (or however you ambulate) to turn it on/off. Simply unconscionable that both are equally labor intensive!!

I got a 550 for $40 more a few weeks ago.

My cat is a regular domestic short hair, and it has no problem with her fur. There are no long-haired animals or people here, so after a half-dozen expeditions it hasn’t needed detangling yet.

It has also picked up more litter around the box than I thought was there.

It does the kitchen, laundry room, hallways, and a couple of bedrooms and still manages to find its way back to the docking station.

I believe it. I bought a roomba from here in August 2010. It is also on its original battery. I think the ones that go back to the base automatically for charging, and basically sit there, make the battery last longer v/s others that may run the battery dry.

If I recall correctly, there’s a website that sells a USB adapter that will allow you to hook it up to a computer and program a schedule into it. I never bothered with mine, though, I just hit the button when the room looks dirty…

I’ve bad several Roombas and my batteries last about two years with good life. After that I purchase a different brand from Amazon ($26 a couple days ago). The have more energy. Look up the explanation of rechargeable batteries. The off brand (tenergy’s a good one) will last me longer with long runtimes. Just don’t tell Robot. I vac every day. I have two cats, one dog and shedding daughter. Love em.

I received my roomba. Unfortunately it came without the aero vac filter.

So I’m confused, was this meant to come with the aero vac bin or meant to come with the sweeper bin? Because in the picture it shows a sweeper filter and aero vac bin, the two don’t go together.

My virtual wall was also much more limited than shown here, no timer setting, and black.

There was also no cleaning tool.

Confusing woot, waiting to hear back from them.

Well woot sent me the manufacturer warranty line.

Sorry woot, I don’t buy broken or incomplete products to wait for them to be fixed.

This is the second time
Something like this has happened. And will likely be my last woot purchase. Quality of the site in general has declined sharply.

Just know when you buy something from woot you may well be buying a broken or incomplete item. Apparently refurb means send broken ones and see who sends in for repair.

I fully expect this to be censored.

welp, hate to disappoint you, but that’s not happening. in fact, i bumped it!

sorry that you’re not happy with things. i hope that you’ll reconsider. we do want to keep people coming back.

let me know if there’s anything i can do to help you change your mind. i don’t have a lot of muscle to flex, but i will go to bat. you are important.

The issue is when receiving an incomplete or broken product, a cookie cutter email to contact the manufacturer is not good enough. People buy refurbs knowing there may be issues. However when something is incomplete or DOA a refund, exchange, or sending of missing items is in order.

People get their shiny new to them things and its unreasonable to expect them to go through another company’s ram process on something they just received.

Howdy h00ligan,

Many times the reason why we refer people first is that we typically dont have replacement parts in the facility. It’s not that we are brushing you off, it’s that aside from returning the item for a replacement (which can be an even bigger hassle) it’s usually is easier to get the minor parts shipped to you more quickly under warranty. If they cant for whatever unfortunate reason, we go from there. That being said, I’m sending you an email instructions for step 2…all before i’ve had 1 SIP of coffee mind you. Thats love.